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The B-1 bomber!
It's going so fast it's building up condensation around the wings!
And away it goes
A couple of C-130s did flybys
It was a pretty steep bank considering how low to the ground it was!
An authentic space shuttle tile!
An unauthentic space shuttle!
The stunt plane pilots were out of their minds
Put put put
Going straight up into a stall
Flying straight towards the ground like a crazy person!
Another view of the funny inflatable space shuttle
This guy had pieces falling off his airplane, and then threw a roll of toilet paper out the window. Then turned around and flew through it!
A MiG-17! The announcer said it's very rare to see one in action
These were a big threat to American pilots during the Vietnam War
The MiG flies by in a steep bank
I love seeing the flames coming out the back
The glider was graceful and silent
It traced out lots of long swooping lines in the sky
Passing directly overhead
Heading up for another pass
I love how you can see the smoke going turbulent
Coming in for a landing!
Another stunt plane takes the skies
Upside down!
This lens is so much fun. You can see the pilot!
Heading down for another low pass
The smoke trail makes a huge difference
Spinning out of the control! Well, mostly.
One more pass
I wasn't the only one with a camera trained on the sky
Among the static displayers was this enormous Navy helicopter
This guy again!
An F-18 hornet revs up for takeoff
These planes may be small compared to a 747, but when you see the pilots up front, it reminds you of how massive they really are!
Picking up altitude quickly
Condenstation forms around the vehicle as it stresses the air around it
Another great condensation shot
Just look at the water vapor streaming off of this plane!
An inverted pass
Topaz, ever the engineer, fashioned a sunshield
Passing ina steep bank
This photos is a little sloppy, but I like the lens flare, and love the mach cone forming around the F-18
So fast! I'm glad I brought ear plugs!
The guy with the crazy yellow stunt plane is back!
This time he brought smoke
I didn't get any pictures of it, but he had other colors of smoke as well
Attempting to land on the back of a modified truck
He nailed it on this second pass. Only eight inches of clearance on each side!
The B-2 "stealth" bomber. I feel like this photo makes up for the poor quality of the last time I saw it, in Dayton!
A magnificient vehicle
It's a shame it costs almost as much as a space shuttle to build
Coming around for another pass
Such a slim profile
I wish it had done a few more passes. It was amazing to see
The Thunderbirds prepare for their show
Getting into the cockpits
Helmets on, cockpits closed
If it wasn't for those damn lights, I'd really like this shot. Maybe I'll photoshop them out..
Thunderbird 1 heads down the runway
Hi there!
A powerhouse!
Thunderbird 1 moving down the runway
More Thunderbirds
All the Thunderbirds!
The main four diamond take off in the delta formation
One of the solo planes takes off. This isn't in super crisp focus, but I love how you can clearly see the exhaust
Passing by, perpendicular to the ground!
The delta formation passes by
Taking off into the clouds
I love the trails coming off the wingtips!
I'm not sure what it is about this photo that I like, but I really like it
Banking in unicon
The precision is incredible
Roaring by for another deafening pass
The two solo planes play a 500+ mph game of chicken
A new formation
Probably my favorite shot of the day. Incredible!
Heading down for another low pass
The two solo planse get ready for another stunt
Another near miss!
The delta formation passes by
The slightest error could clip a wing
The death defying near misses were breathtaking
Coming in hot!
The Thunderbirds fly in F-16s
The main four flying in a line
It was tough to keep track of them in the sky because they moved so fast
I like this photo because of the clean background
Performing a "high alpha" pass. It was very slow!
You almost expected the plane to drop out of the sky at any moment
It's not easy to tell in this photo, but the leftmost plane passed through the center of this formation at great speed
It's easy to forget that it takes these guys several miles to turn around for another pass
Now they're flying with five in formation
Passing low clouds
Gotta love the Thunderbird pattern on the underside of the vehicles
Another steep formation bank. You can tell how quickly they're turning by the smoke trails
All six in formation!
Passing by the audience
They were performing crazy stunts like formation rolls
Building up to their big finish
Upside down!
The "Delta Burst" pattern
All six passed right by each other!
Look at all the trails!
Forming up into a group over the course of miles
It was quite the spectacle
Walking into the back of a large cargo vehicle
My Little Pony decals? On an Air Force TC-135? Unfortunately, it was the older generation
Who is this RJ?
Another pony decal!
The Reaper. Predator's big brother
Such a massive plane!
I was tempted to wait in line to get in the cockpit, but after roasting in the sun with that giant lens all day, I was exhausted!
You are viewing images from 09/10/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 116 pictures.
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