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Fellow groomsmen Luke, Joel, and Ben waiting around outside the reception building
Joel passes the time with a crossword
The man himself!
Getting a ride to Eric and Kate's house so we can change
Luke is ready to rock
Joel demonstrates how they were able to break into the house earlier
Our schedule was loose enough that we didn't have to rush
Collecting the coins from all of the pirate packs
So many daggers!
Eric didn't seem too nervous
Now that is a todo list I can get behind
Luke changes first
Joel demonstrates that even an activity as ridiculous as Wii looks classy when you're in a tux
Wii time!
Playing a little Boom Blox
Just a traditional pre-wedding Wii session
"Everyone look like you're in a Nintendo ad!"
Eye patches!
Oh no! Eric's got the patch on his good eye!
Joel covers his third eye?
Cool as a cucumber!
What's this face all about?
Hanging out and joking
Joel has been through all this before
I challenged Ben to grab a hanging leaf
Jumping in a tux!
Where is that limo?
These guys don't look so nerdy..
Ahhh, there they go
Haha, look at Eric! "Hey!"
Luke's got those glasses that get darker once you go outside
Ben was having a good time
I knew my parents would want some photos of me in the tux so..
The Wastl brothers!
Luke's going to kick his ass
Inside the Hummer limo!
Even in the Hummer limo it was a pretty tight fit
Not that tight though!
It was pretty funny to be passing tractors in such an absurd vehicle
We never did take advantage of the specialized equipment
Waiting outside the church
The limo!
Bradley's looking pretty spiffy
Eric's Mom helps Ben with his.. flower thing
The bridesmaids arrived!
Cut to after the ceremony! It was perfect!
Carlo was one of the several Synacorians to attend
The pro's second shooter in action
The pro photographer!
Eric was hugging everyone
Hugging Brian!
Shaking hands with Mr. Mirabella...
..except it's hug time!! Anthony will kill me when he sees this
The photogs! Everyone kept joking that they better keep an eye on their gear with me around
Eric and his stepdad
What are these two goofballs up to?
Extreme Tom closeup!
The bubbles were popular
Dani blows a bubble at the camera.. be careful!
The oh so rare picture of Anthony's face
At any other wedding this would be insane. With this crew..
The bubbles were great
The pro took some great photos!
"Stop taking my picture!" "Stop making it fun!"
My perspective from the group photo
Kate's brother Eric takes a turn with the bubbles
Taking a photo with the pastor
Wow, a genuine film camera!
Eric and Kate with Eric's Mom and stepdad
Ben had a lot of fun with the bubbles
Kate was having a blast
More bubbles!
"Are you having fun?"
Even Tom got in on the fun with the bubbles
Luke and Ben with the bubbles
What is up with this photo?
Bubble firing squad!
They're returning fire!
The whole bridal party
Hey there I am!
Flanking the newlyweds
Wel that's.. something
Lifting Eric!
The groomsmen posed with the bouquets
Say cheese!
Back in the limo!
Luke with the bridesmaid he was paired up with
Going to take more photos
Getting eyepatches out
Quite a view from Kate's aunt and uncle's place
And off they go! With Buffalo in the background
Suz with her bouquet
Dani stands around while we wait
I really like this photo
Apparently seeing Brian with a drink in his hand is crazy! Who knew!
Eric's Mom took photos of us
Looking down the bridal party table
I accidentally started a Conga line by running away from Topaz while he danced at me
Here he comes again!
Since it was an impromptu Conga line, Kate got stuck by herself!
They're like dancing zombies!
Off they go!
Kate tries to catch up
Lasers going everywhere!
Eric does the blind man dance
Luke's got a buddy
Look at that dancing face
Eric dancing the night away
Poor Chris had recent knee surgery and couldn't dance
The newlyweds hit the dance floor
Fake mustache?
Ben takes a turn with Chris' churches
I think this is just a plot to steal our fingerprints
Ben drunkely signed song lyrics to Dani on the fly. Impressive!
Eric dancing with the bridesmaids
Eric's Dad took a turn with Chris' crutch for an impromptu guitar solo
You are viewing images from 10/08/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 117 pictures.
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