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Brett's costume was Dallas from PAYDAY
His girlfriend Steph was Tinkerbell
Bryce and Alicia went as bacon and an egg
Ponies! Here's Jane as Rainbow Dash
Tony was The Reanimator. After seeing the movie, I no longer approve of this costume!
Emily as Pinkie Pie!
Tony creepily puts on gloves to make drinks
Alicia says this photo "pretty much sums up our relationship"
Bacon man heads to the living room
The MakerBot! We meet at last!
Tony's classy liquor globe
It's the Derpy that Amanda painted for Tony!
Shayna says thumbs up to parties
James as Derpy!
What's Rainbow Dash drinking?
Derpy's armed! Run!
Brett really wants to rob something
Liz as Applejack goes for a ride on Derpy's back?
Look out for the spider!
Bacon Man thinks about life
Brett finally snaps and takes Tony as a hostage
The gross jelly skeleton thing on the wall
Alicia peeking over Bryce's shoulder
What's in the bag, Tony?
Lightswitch rave?
Pinkie Pie has a pretty big glass!
What drink is red? Why doesn't Tony have any normal drinks?
Tony kept cooking stuff all night. The food was delicious!
Brett's mask is so creepy
Bryce had no idea the glowstick was there when I took this photo
Into the pony castle!
Friendship is Magic
Tony's a ladies man. A ladies man. A lalalalalalalalaladies man.
I like James' use of headphones as Derpy eyes
Bacon and egg!
What's this face all about, Bryce?
I think Brett took this photo while chasing down Steph
Now the mask looks like it's made of bacon
Dance party in the other room!
Brett has no idea
As weird as this photo is, I can't help but wonder what the hell is happening on the TV
The dance party continues, and now I know why I was cold all night! The window was open!
Taking photos of me?? How preposterous.
Caveman Bryce, photo by Alicia
I was a photographer. Original, I know. Like my Brony shirt?
What the hell is going on here?
It's too much for Bryce to handle
Ahhh, I know that face. That face means that Brett is blitzed
Alicia calls this face "pensive"
I call this face "stinkeye"
Alicia has been spending too much time with Bryce. She can do a frighteningly good grimace
Tony can't help but go all Zoidberg when he puts oven mitts on.
Tony pulls out another pizza
Now Alicia's armed!
"Don't touch my gun!"
Poor Bryce. Some masked assailant has taken him hostage
Brett is certainly having a good time
Oh no! A showdown!
Shayna as Starbuck back to back to Brett as Dallas
What madman would give a gun to Pinkie Pie!
What is this look all about?
Yikes, or how about this look??
Ack! No shooting photographers!
What's up, Brett?
Meet your future attorney
This is the night of 1000 funny Alicia faces
Tony printed me a tiny space shuttle!
Oh no, I've been spotted!
Liz is dancing?
Nothing classier than scotch in a Hulk shot glass
Did the spider eat Derpy??
Who would bacon want to shoot?
What happened to Tinkerbell's wings??
Oh Brett
Applejack, where is your hat??
Shayna considers shooting us all
Strike a pose
Pictures are funny
Another pose!
Bacon Man demonstrates the dance of his people
Tony's favorite stuffed turtle
You are viewing images from 11/13/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 84 pictures.
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