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A giant chunk of aerogel? That can mean only one thing! We're at the Air and Space Museum!
SpaceShipOne! It's been too long since we last visited. Also the X-1!
SpaceShipOne looks like it just came back from its flight
Amanda's all about commercial spaceflight
The holy grail
This is where Buzz Aldrin's head was during launch and reentry!
Looking further into Columbia
So many switches
I love the diagnostic wax still on the vehicle
Friendship 7, America's first manned orbital flight!
It's so small. I can't imagine getting in for a ride
A replica of America's first satellite
A Mariner probe built from flight hardware! Too bad it never flew
Looking into Friendship 7
John Glenn's control stick
A closeup of the weird pull handles in Friendship 7
One more with the switches in focus
The handle on the door of Gemini IV. Ed White exited this very door for America's first spacewalk
A closeup of some of the "computer" on the Gemini spacecraft
It's incredible what they did with this gear
Note the crumbled tail section of SpaceShipOne where it buckled from the pressure
Here I am again in my favorite room in Washington DC!
I'm pretty sure I have a nearly identical photo to this from last year
Viking is so enormous!
Checking out the Apollo 11 command module
Stardust! This probe used aerogel to capture particles from the wake of a comet
The X-15. More rocket than plane
Were the old Soyuz capsules really that color?
So much exposed wiring!
The CSM stack is so big
I saw this on the Soyuz and it made me laugh
Great Scott! It's David Scott's lunar EVA suit!
David Scott was the commander of Apollo 15. That grime is moon dust!
This is an actual LM made with real flight hardware. It just never flew! Such a shame.
For some reason both guys don't have commander's red stripes. Maybe the commander is the CM pilot?
A wide angle shot of the LM
Jeff loves the moon
"Must.. get.. closer"
Amanda's a pilot?
And this, of course, is the national monument to bacon!
You are viewing images from 11/18/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 41 pictures.
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