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Just Amanda in a Pinkie Pie costume pouring a drink. Nothing unusual here
These guys were swaying back and forth as they sang along with the AMVs
The amazing title card that Beany drew for us!
We had a pretty spiffy setup with a TV outside the VAT indicating what was playing and what was coming up next
Amanda wore her Pinkie Pie getup to Chili's
What're you going to get, Jeff?
Amanda dares me to call her weird
Jeff's certainly thinking it
Crazy glasses!
Bryce was really really excited about the "bottomless" tortilla chips
I ran into this guy on my way back to the room late at night
Chell! Too bad she blinked!
Fur suits are weird, but these guys were really nice. One gave me a bro-hoof!
Assorted FMA cosplayers
Got to have a general crowd shot!
An excellent female Soldier costume. The Black Box was amazing!
Officer Jenny!
I don't know what this guy is from but he has a great costume!
Darth Vader inspects the Artist Alley wares
Some TF2 cosplayers with a really creepy spy squid thing
What's wrong, Omar?
Lucca from Chrono Trigger!
I believe these two are from Panty and Stocking
I made Caitlin wear the ears!
The description for our Pony panel. My contribution was the last sentence
Bryce loves hosting events
Erica is defending her title as Iron Editor!
It's so tough to get a picture of Mike not making a face!
Erica's challenger put up a good fight, but I know who i was rooting for!
Render chan's new militarized costume
Render chan and.. Render chan!
This is how I spent much of my weekend. The wings, the ears, and counting ballots. OK ballot counting only took an hour.
Erica won again! She'll be back to defend her title again next year!
Oh no! What has Vic done to piss off Render chan?
And who gave her a gun??
An impressive Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender
I'm not sure why I took this picture of Bryce sleeping, but as soon as the shutter clicked he woke up and gave me a stinkeye
I've never seen a Helga cosplay before, and this one is excellent!
Bryce isn't sure what to do next
I call this one "Raveasaurus"
Some of the turnout for the Pony panel
Vic and Amanda hurried to get everyone seated and to hand out cupcakes
Great turnout! We filled the room!
Everyone had a great time :D
Omar replicated Pinkie Pie's birthday cake, pseudo-writing and all!
Amanda poses with some of the pony cosplayers from the video block
Rainbow Dash
Vinyl Scratch and Fluttershy
Amanda as Pinkie Pie, of course
Pike! I like the mohawk as replacement for the spiney ridge on his head
Photo Finish, Applejack, and a great Rarity! Rarity had a great tail but I felt awkward asking to take a picture of her tail so I didn't, haha
Photo Finish and Pinkie Pie exchange glasses!
Rinny kept crawling around inside the bed, and was distraught to discover she couldn't pull the cover out from the isnide
Vic and Amanda aren't sure what the hell Rinny's doing
Neither is Rinny
I have no idea what Omar is looking at on the iPad, but if you zoom in you can see it's some sort of image
Brian: the man no camera will focus on
Amanda makes a goofy face
Vic isn't looking forward to his 2:30 to 4:00 "Duchess" block but I hear it went well!
Pack up the van!
Lots of helpers
Liz waves for a picture
Boxes crammed in the back area, the front seat, everywhere!
Jefferson ruins a perfectly good picture
Another year in the bag! Great job Vic! And us! Hooraaay us!
You are viewing images from 11/20/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 65 pictures.
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