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Ready to get started!
Macaroni knows Christmas as "Glorious Ubiquitous Paper Day"
Becky catches up on her phone in between presents. For shame!
Macaroni needs to stop eating paper
Why can't he just chill out like Isabelle?
What could be in this big heavy box?
It's the Twilight series!
I'll stick to Twilight Sparkle, thanks
I was originally going to wrap this gift while it was still in the much larger Amazon box, so it had way too much paper
It's a Roku! Mom wasn't sure what it was at first but was cruising Netflix, Amazon, and all that jazz in no time
It's a Kindle! "This makes my shower curtain gift look pretty lame!"
Mom, I mean Twilight, got me a pony t-shirt! So funny
Gragra's ready for Christmas dinner
Why is it tied up? So it can't escape?
This is a look I've become very familiar with over the years. It's the "why are you buggin' me?" look
Becky in her usual chair
Gragra opens cards very very slowly
Becky was thrilled with her funny retro phone handset
Mom hanging out
Opening gifts!
You hook this old style phone handset up to your iPhone and it's like you've got an old phone! It's actually pretty convenient
Mmmm Bugles.
Aunt Teresa got some funny little dues
Gragra listening to Uncle Chris about.. something
"Why are you pointing that giant les at me?"
Mom asked me to take some photos of the dinner table
Isn't that nice
I was supposed be having my picture taken, not taking my own!
Mom's runners were a big hit this year
Mom just likes having everyone home
This was the best group photo we could manage. Should've taken more photos, Mom!
I immediately turned it around on her!
Gragra and Mom!
Two sisters and their mom!
You are viewing images from 12/25/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 35 pictures.
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