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Whoooo! Party!!!
This is Alan's new place. It's nicer than the old place, but seems to be listing..
Ben loves awkwardly posing for photos
Yup, this is what the rest of you guys missed by not coming on Friday night!
Amanda's much vaunted gift!
Well I definitely like the wrapping paper
Holy crap! It's a ponified plushie of Rakka!
It's beautiful!
And Vic got me that Rakka figure I've had my eye on for years!
Amanda also made Derpy! And look how derped it is!
Derpy with Rakka ..also Rakka
Her cutie mark is crow feathers. Clever!
I love the wing covers
I'll have to think of something really good to repay these great gifts
Alan takes some photos of the ponies
Vic checks out the sushi menu
I pointed the camera at Alan and waited around 30 second to take the photo to see if he would make a weird face
Kabuki's is always great
This year I poured the liquor for the punch
"Just dump the entire bottle!"
What a weird shape!
The frozen orange juice was kind of gross
Amanda brought some tiny ponies to put on Vic and my birthday cake
What's up with Fluttershy's hair??
Pinkie Pie stands on Vic's head
Our cake!
We missed Bryce, who was on vacation in the Dominican Republic, so we watched some videos of him on Youtube
I love this photo
Vic hooking up all his gear
I liike this photo because it kind of looks like Jefferson is rocking out
Hey Albert
Jeff on the nice couch
Amanda borrows my pony ears
Jeff works on a Rebirth creation on his iPad
This year plastic instruments are out and real instruments are in!
This was how we spent most of the weekend. Hanging out, drinking punch, watching online video. Good times!
Paul was pretty good with the guitar!
This is Vic's impression of Lyra
We talked to Bryce on Skype!
Vic didn't have a microphone but he got some headphones
The man behind the curtain, Alan Chaess
Bryce is funny
It was cool that we could talk to Bryce even though he was thousands of miles away
Everyone looks so bored! Be funnier, Bryce!
Alan talking to Bryce
Time for cheesesteaks!
Jeff orders his Pat's steak
Jeff Heller: badass. He's got a Pat's steak AND a Geno's steak!
It was so warm we ate in town.. and missed midnight! Oops!
You are viewing images from 12/31/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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