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Amanda looks so confused
Albert hates IHOP. No not really.
Vic waiting for pancakes
Maybe Albert really does hate IHOP
Jefferson's hear!
Alan and Jeff waiting to order
I'm starting Project 365 again! This is the first photo of the year
Everyone jump! Alan really went all out
Vic miraculously managed to get a photo of the cork flying out of the champagne bottle. The thing flew nearly 100 feet, I don't know how he did it!
Does it smell good?
Clearly it tastes good
Omar stares down another long night
Whoa, what the hell was in that bottle?
Vic hitting the punch
Omar used to be the vice con chair of Otakon, but then he took a Nerf dart to the knee
Pulling the dart out of his knee.
Using Vic's head to steady his shot?
Alan's stepbrother Adam could really play! He was so good none of us could play afterwards
Omar and I tried to play piano with Adam on guitar. We were trying to play Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"
"You guys have 40 years of piano experience between you and it's five chords!!"
This photo looks about right
Liz was there too!
She liked using the iPad as a manga reader
Jefferson sitting on the floor
This is the face Vic made when I told him that Reh Dogg was planning another entry to the Otakon AMV contest
Jefferson thinks about life. And tiny liquor bottles
Amanda couldn't stand up to Omar in the question game
I'm not sure what the hell is going on here, but it looks pretty funny!
I like this portrait of Omar
Alan at the deli!
Liz down the table
Amanda's bored
Bottling the punch is serious business
Don't spill any!
Omar doesn't let a drop go to waste
Vic wrestles with his archnemesis, the foam rollup mattress
Time to hit the road again! I hit some hellish snow in New York but what can you do
You are viewing images from 01/02/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 37 pictures.
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