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Aw booo! Apparently in the winter they don't let you stand right next to the falls. Too dangerous
The American Falls look beautiful in the winter!
Though the water looks very cold
Brett's requisite "I'm at Niagara Falls" photo
And my photo for the day!
This thing was completely covered in ice. Some kid tried to put a quarter in it without much luck
Cold water
Other photographers thought it looked pretty neat
This was as close as we could get to the Horseshoe falls. We didn't bother with the cheesey tourist photo this time
The permanent cloud of ice crystals coming off the falls is pretty awesome
Free salvia AND Cuban cigars? What doesn't this place have??
I think Jamal should've spent five minutes spellchecking his sign..
The falls again.. seen from the Canadian side!
Yikes, no wonder they don't let you down there
The Horseshoe Falls were largely obscured behind the seemingly permanent plume of water vapor
Everything was coated in ice
Brett with the falls.. in Canada!
Prett loves his burglar hat
I want to find a coin operated MICROscope someday
Brett was a fan of the glow in the dark astronaut at the minigolf place. I crushed him 44 to 54!
We stopped at Dave and Busters for food and various stupid games
Shoot those things!
So many flashing lights
I wasted a couple of bucks on this stupid thing
It's just so shiny
Brett defended the skies of WWII era London from the Luftwaffe
Most of these games are just black holes for tokens
Stewie looks pretty alarmed to be in this position
Hey a mirror!
I love skiball. I spent a bunch of my tokens on that
So many tokens
Buzzards that really buzz?
You are viewing images from 01/15/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 32 pictures.
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