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Steve's all spiffed up for the fancy dinner party
Dustin too
Tom even has a tie clip
Our hosts, Megan and Steve!
The party is underway!
Steve's having a good time
Phil telling stories in the corner
I thought the table extension strategy was pretty funny
Long table!
Phil claimed the one seat in the next room
The disco ball was still in place from a previous party
What's that look for, Dustin?
The dinner part of the dinner party!
Great food was had by all
The lights around the liquor cabinet make me laugh because it's almost like a little shrine
What is Megan reacting to? Probably something offensive Dustin said
Tom taught Phil and I some interesting things about cancer treatment
Phil looks like he's telling some kind of story
Now that dinner is over, it's time for games!
Oh, apparently it's time for gangsigns.
Mmmm, fancy cocktails
Dave and Dustin
In this game, people guess who wrote what, so it's advantageous to write things uncharacteristic of yoruself. Hence...
8ball. Who the hell writes that??
Megan was having fun
What the hell is going on here
Dustin's creepiest ever face
Tom likes funny things
I sat next to Christina
Steve reacting to completely ridiculous sentences in the game
Amy is also wondering what's up with Tom's face
An "old fashioned"!
Steve at the head of the table
The champagne of beers!
Our numbers are dwindling!
Some of the artwork coming out of Telestrations, or as we know it, Out of Context
"Who drew this??"
Everyone couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculous illustrations
I think this was my favorite of the night
Megan and Steve reacting to something completely outrageous and offensive
So much for "fancy"
Dave has really gone downhill
And here we are at the inevitable conclusion of the night
Steve and Megan!
He's just changing music on the iPod, but it looks ridiculous
It was a good night.
You are viewing images from 01/28/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 46 pictures.
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