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We left from Steve' shouse
We took Matt's car
Why does Steve look so uncomfortable?
And why does Matt look so suspicious?
For some reason we played a lot of Battleship during the trip
Large cargo planes near Fort Drum!
Kinder Surprise! We must be in Canada
I've always wanted to try one of these
It comes with a capsule full of stuff. Apparently American kids are too stupid to not eat it
Holy crap, check out how awesome this plane is! And it was all in the chocolate egg
I don't know if dark chocolate KitKats are a Canadian thing or I just haven't seen them before. In any case, it wasn't very good
Navigator Steve tries to read the French signs
That's a lot of cranes
French! French everywhere!
Somewhat scary looking dude working on a billboard
These elevators suck. We have to rappel?
Waiting for the elevator
I took this picture for Brett
Fancy steakhouse!
Of course, we were all on our phones. Which is strange since we didn't have connectivity
Guinness is pretty good
Nothing like wearing a pony shirt to a fancy steakhouse
Time to plan out our schedule
Which panel is Shawn going to?
Apparently Bell is still a thing in Canada!
This guy was singing "Let it Be" but "Code in C"
That's one hell of a brim
The main dining hall
These desserts were really hit or miss. You were never quite sure what you were about to eat
Settling in for a panel
This was an interesting panel, but it was right after lunch so we all fell asleep for at least part of it
Hitting the town
The hill in the distance makes it look like the ground is warping up like in Inception
A bike in winter in Montreal? That's dedication
Walking around downtown Montreal
People on the sidewalk
Looking up at the church roof
I liked this wall
Now this is a sign I've never seen before..
The obligatory view from my window
Building under construction
Sitting around in Steve's room
Matt prefers to remain anonymous
Awww, it's not omelette du fromage, it's omelette AU fromage! Dexter taught me wrong!
Matt couldn't resist getting some poutine. So nasty looking
Nothing like a PITCHER of Jack and Coke to wrap up the day
Steve got this text. Hilarious
Oh this can't end well
Apparently no one has any idea how to play Asshole
Matt spent some quality time with Crown tonight
Shawn looks pretty well composed considering how many rounds of that stupid drinking game we did
The heated pool was steaming
The carpet was dazzling my brain
The hallway outside some of the panel rooms
So this is what winter's like. I almost forgot
The buildings are gone!
It looks like Matt's slapping Shawn in the face, but really he's just going for some dip
I left this shot a little dark on purpose. I think it could be a decent album cover!
Montreal streets
Shawn's new Facebook picture
I think Steve's ready to be back in his room
What's up with this crazy light?
Walking through the snow
Checking for a hole in traffic
The hotel really reminded me of the one in Inception
Last day of the con
Wrap it up!
What. The hell.
We found Shawn! Let's get the hell out of here!
Looking out the window
What strange graffiti
Some small airplanes
We made it!
You are viewing images from 03/02/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 81 pictures.
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