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Windsocks are useful for soft landings
I get it
Look! Skydivers! I've never actually seen jumps in person
Floating down on a full canopy
The instructor landed first by spinning around and losing altitude
He made a perfect landing. Made it look easy
Time to collect the parachute
Heading back to the main building
I thought it was funny that since the camera was mounted to a helmet, they had to hold the whole helmet to take any pictures
A tandem jumper comes in for a landing
Turning around
Aaaand land on your butt!
Red Canopy Guy has gathered his chute
Time for the next load to go up!
Checking a tandem jumper's harness
Everyone get on board!
The tandem jumper and his instructor have collected their various lines
The jump is underway!
You can see the drogue chute slowing and stabilizing the tandem jumpers
Chute deployment!
Let's see those canopies
Flying around
The tandem guys have a colorful canopy
Losing altitude by turning rapidly
Almost there
Turning into the wind
Final approach
Perfect landing!
I can't wait to try this myself
My favorite photo of the shoot
The parachute doesn't even look that big
Below the tree line!
Green Canopy comes in for a landing
The tandem guys have been floating around for a while
Collecting his canopy
Final turn
Legs up!
That tandem chute is really huge
Meeting the jumpers in the field
Jupers in freefall!
For these last few, I switched to the 50mm. The difference in quality is obvious
Lining up with the wind
They make it look so easy
A walk in the park, even
Running out to meet the jumpers after another successful landing
It isn't exactly a large operation
It looks like the jumper is actively kneeing this poor guy in the face
I took a peek at the repacking room
They seemed surprised I was interested
Double check!
Ready for another jump
You are viewing images from 05/06/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 53 pictures.
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