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The rental car was a lot smaller than it looked
So was the hotel door
Amanda opted for many small samples instead of one normal bottle of booze
This is blurry, but if you notice.. Vic accidentaly wore his apple jacket.. while wearing his "genius" shirt
Vlad's crew. What's up with the guy at the bottom left?
Elevators and the landmark the congoers call the "Big Ice.. well.. you know"
Vic and Amanda wait around for the Editor's Dinner
Omar just wants to eat
Vic's a Canon genius
Amanda needs a cupcake on her head
Omar's all derped out
That's better
Omnipresent Jefferson is apparently staff at AWA!
Dozens of AMV Editors at the Editor's Dinner. How did I sneak in?
Omar doesn't know what's up with my wide angle adapter
Nikons are supposed to be good in low light conditions, right?
The Pony Anthology team!
Vic ordered the mother of all burritos
Mother of god..
I called this my "refridgerator"
Enjoy it folks. The one and only photo you'll ever see of my failed Great and Powerful Trixie cosplay. I didn't wear it for long, opting instead for "cosplay support guy"
Let's hit the con floor
Omar practices his pimp look
"Don't make me use my cane!"
Posing for the first of many photos
Time to head to the VAT?
To the VAT!
Matt Wagner somehow ends up in Omar's pimp gear
This guy was clearly staying in character
Time for a photo shoot of Vic, Amanada, and Omar's amazing costumes!
Applejack and Rainbow Dash feuding once again!
Omar couldn't keep up that face
Vic's spiffy Applejack costume. In which he defaced a somewhat pricey actual suit
Amanda's amazing Pinkie Pie costume. Sure to blow out the color saturation in any photo
And Omar's incredible Rainbow Dash pimp costume. The cloak alone is a feat!
A classy bunch of ponies
So much color!
Omar's actually only wearing one ear, since the hat is tilted
Scary statues!
They were freaking me out
I hear they're from Doctor Who?
Posing for more photos!
Eventually I was tasked with carrying (and operating) Vic and Omar's cameras. It was fun but looked ridiculous
Vic approves of this photo
Even the Otakon folks had to get pictures! Sidenote, I really wish I had one of those jerseys :(
Well well well, look who made it after all!
Brian, aka SSGWNBTD SSGWNBTB? Some Stupid Guy With Nothing Better To.... Be?
He's the angriest gamer you ever heard..
Escalator.. elevator. Escalator.. elevator
This guy really had the Bane accent down, but he mostly only said "absolutely"
Vic hides his camera
Ah! It's one of those flying shark balloons!
Hey, I finally got to see the Pikachu car! It only took about 14 years..
Princess Celestia! I'm honored
This costume honestly kind of scared me. I left shortly after taking it
As a fun momento to ultimate AMV Hell fan Mel, I got the original creators Brian and Alan to sign a small piece of canvas for her!
The room was packed for AMV Hell 6. Unfortunately it was plagued with technical issues. Looks like Vic's netstream wins another one
Sadly, the AMV community lost a great one in the previous year. Pat Bohnet, aka "Quu", shocked the AMV world with his untimely passing. I was looking forward to meeting him, and he will be missed.
Lots of coslpayers wondering the lobby floor
Vic had to admit defeat in his epic struggle with the hotel TV. He couldn't hack it!
Omar's still working on the Iron Editor intro with like 22 hours to go..
A closeup of the canvas Brian and Alan signed for Mel
It just wouldn't be a trip south of the Mason-Dixon line without stopping by a Waffle House
These crowd shots are fun. I highly recommend opening it in the highest resolution and just looking around at all the strange little moments happening
Anime conventions are strange places
This guy had a pretty sweet GLaDOS rig mounted on a steadycam arm
Closeup of GLaDOS. It looks like it has some kind of camera in it?
If you look closely, you can see Seras' red contacts!
This Derpy is impressive, but really weird
I like Amanda's funny little hat
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!
Blail has come trick-or-treating!
Snake was pretty obvious to spot sneaking through the lobby
GLaDOS and Chell have reconciled!
I don't even know what to think of this guy.. some kind of.. Cookie Monster Saiyan?
I think we found the pony photoshoot..
Pinkie Pie as depicted in the fanfic "Cupcakes". Poor Rainbow Dash
The Pinkie Pies are coming out in force!
The pony group grows
So much color! Everyone is so excited!
Haruko has learned to play the ukelele!
Pinkie Pies with a Rainbow Dash center
Pinkie Pie isn't scared of Slenderman!
Someone actually made the felt checklist!
Meanwhile, ten feet away from the explosion of colorful ponies.. another group!
Omar makes his big entrance
Brohoofs were exchanged
Rainbow Dashes unite!
Bloody Pinkie Pie is kind of freaking me out
Pinkie Pie freaking out!
Hey they found a fourth
And of course.. the Fluttershies are.. shy
If there are three Rarities, are they still rare?
Showing off in typical Rainbow Dash fashion
"So awesome!"
Applejack group!
The whole Apple family!
So many cowboy hats
Call in the Twilights!
Twilight Sparkle learns about the magic of friendship. Or at least pretends to for a photoshoot
Enter Discord
A very spiffy Discord!
Villains assemble!
Of course, the Great and Powerful Trixie is front and center!
Miscellaneous characters.. and Dr. Who?
Well.. ok, of course this.. exists.
Rainbow Dash soaks in the Pinkie Pies
Mane 6!
Another Mane 6!
Yet another Mane 6!
Gala mode ponies!
Vic, Amanda, and Omar really nailed their costumes
Rainbow Dashes vs Applejacks!
One more group of Fluttershies
Omar suddenly appeared above the shoot in the elevator
Oh no! Shining Armor is dead! Twilight is so sad
Why is Rainbow Dash helping the vaillains??
Massive pony cosplay group!
Omar and Discord hanging out in the front
Closeup of the group
Everyone get Discord!
A ton of people were taking photos
Fluttershy uncharacteristically has a chainsaw.. and is going after Discord!
Poor discord
Oh he's OK
That's an excellent Bane!
Well.. so much for Rainbow Dash
Bulma has a pretty awesome Dragonball. What's Carmen Sandiego's problem though?
Totally normal
Rainbow Dash loves reading about Darnig Do
Pony siblings! Probably not really though
Omar gives out sugar cubes to his "fillies". Also Discord. (Applejack in the front has the sugar cubes)
Amanda got a sugar cube!
Posing by the fountains!
Vic couldn't resist ruining Amanda's photo
Classy bunch
Yeah uh.... moving on.
Omar surveys the scene
Posing for photos for other people!
Hey it's that girl from Madoka
What's on Facebook?
Yikes, that is a lot of fake blood
Hanging out on the hill
I'm not sure what Omar is doing here
Hey! Go Silver Snakes!
A Minecraft crew! Someone get that diamond block!
Talim! The only Soul Caliber character I know how to play
Blowing bubbles!
Cosplayers aren't the only things worthy of photos
What.. is going on here?
Vic's ready to hit the convention floor. Hopefully he remembers to take his lens cap off
Render Chan poses with my new Space Core plush
Getting the Iron Editor machines ready
Omar loves Iron Editor!
This year's theme is AMV Hell! Brian More vs..
Alan Clontz! The two original AMV Hell creators!
Space! Space, gotta go to space
The view from the judge's table
Brakus mans the board
Todd hosted Iron Editor
Helping choose audience members
Doing a drawing challenge! They had to start drawing one theme and then a second theme was added after several minutes. The first theme was "cats"
Drawing anime catgirls!
The audience watching videos
The competitors continue to edit
The second theme is.. metal!
Cats plus metal equals.. this?
How's the editing going, Vic?
Cats plus anime plus metal?
A competition to eat Skittles with chopsicks. My strategy would've been to smash them all up into one big lump and then eat that
This guy didn't know how to use chopsicks
Oh Brakus. What are you up to?
Alan won!
The creators of Pony Anthology gather for the Anthology showing
Todd poses with the pony group. His suit is secretly a Spike cosplay
That's one big diamond
This is what my novelty disposable camera looks like if you remove the outer cardboard box.
Zelda with a Super Scope. Can't argue with that
More people should read this..
I really wanted this.. but i didn't want to spend $300
Sea of manga
Vic bought the Kyubey figure in this creepy box
Inspecting the figure before purchasing
Amanda's scared
An excellent Eris costume (female Discord)
Bye Eris!
Korra sure is dressed warmly for Atlanta!
Jessica Rabbit isn't strictly anime, but she's got a great costume!
Mission accomplished?
I couldn't NOT sit in this!
Omar had to try too
With a little wiggling he actually made it
"I can see forever!"
The latest addition to Vic's extensive figure collection.
It may have been expensive, but it's pretty impressive!
How apt. Kyubey eats money.
Now with a creepy red light
I commissioned this piece for John since he likes to razz me about anime but the only character he knows is Sailor Moon
You are viewing images from 09/30/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 204 pictures.
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