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This piece is titled "Ascent"
Liz, Amanda, and Bryce are ready to hit the museum!
The Udvar-Hazy Center entrance
An SR-71 Blackbird with... what is that peeking out in the back??
Hey look, normal airplanes
Meanwhile, the magnificient SR-71 is ready for its closeup
Hello, beautiful!
Landing gear structure
Up close and personal with Space Shuttle Discovery
The aft section of Discovery
Aww, spiderwebs on the orbiter already
The business end of Space Shuttle Discovery
Absolutely gorgeous
Amanda poses with Discovery
After years of admiring the orbiter fleet from afar, it was pretty amazing to be this close
The forward windows
Reaction Control System
Listening to other visitors, people seemed very surprised at how the thermal protection system was made up of so many individual tiles
The door seems so small!
My favorite application of the Helvetica font
Discovery's tail
The reinforced carbon-carbon panels that doomed Discovery's sister ship Columbia
Space Shuttle Main Engines and the OMS engines
I could spend all day in this room
Amanda looks at the rear of Discovery
..more vertical!
Discovery and me!
Thanks to Amanda for agreeing to lie down on the ground to take this awesome shot
Closeup of the main engines and OMS engines
Spacelab. This was carried in the orbiter cargo bay and carried many experiments
I was surprised at how small this duplicate of New Horizons was!
Bryce loves space shuttles
A better view of Spacelab
I doubt Liz was aware of Nixon's role in authorizing the space shuttle, but it works!
This is where liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen would enter the orbiter from the external tank
I love the marks left by many reentries on the thermal protection system
Wing and tail
Looking up through the gap between control surfaces
The landing gear assembly is smaller than you might think
Jim Irwin's Apollo 15 space suit!
Various suit connectors
Closeup of Irwin's gloves
These gloves were worn on the moon!
Irwin's gloves, helmet, and visor
Hi there!
Closeup of Irwin's suit
Blue and red connectors!
Discovery's starboard side
Neil Armstrong's glove!
Details on Armstrong's visor and gloves
Neil Armstrong's visor
Saturn V Instrumentation Ring
This photo was accidentally much more clever than intended, with Neil Armstrong's gloves and visor in the foreground, and the Saturn V Instrumentation Ring and Space Shuttle Discovery reflected in the glass
An unflown Mercury capsule. Alan Shepard wanted to fly it, but it never happened
It's incredible that people would fly in these
Frank Borman and Jim Lovell spent two weeks in this vehicle
A few days into the flight they got a song stuck in their head and sang it for the rest of the mission
Looking into the Gemini VII capsule
Such a small capsule
So many switches!
The front of Discovery
Looking along the starboard side
I'm not totally sure what all those connectors are under the OMS pod
The view along the top of the wing
The RCS thrusters are bigger than I expected
The whole vehicle seen slightly from above
I turned around and was struck again by how amazing this vehicle looks
Two eras of spaceflight, side by side
Various spacecraft from the 60s
The orbiters are a lot more dirty and beat up than you'd imagine
Yet another angle on the shuttle
The capsule is not real, but apparently these are the actual flotation devices used on Apollo 11
The Skunkworks logo on the back of the SR-71
The delta wing on the SR-71 is bigger than I realized
The rear of the SR-71
The Pegasus is a lot bigger than I thought!
The nosecone is one enormous piece of reinforced carbon-carbon
A shuttle-era ACES suit
This sight does not get old
I could look at it all day
Looking into the engine of the Blackbird
Liz thought the shuttle looked like a panda, so we made Amanda stand in front of it with all her panda gear
Posing with the most incredible jet ever made
Liz jumped in for a photo with me! Yay Liz!
The service module engine was smaller than I thought. Of course, this doesn't include the engine bell, but still
Various thermal protection systems
One last closeup before leaving
Such an incredible view
I couldn't stop taking photos
I'm definitely going to have to come visit this place again
On my way out I discovered the Enola Gay!
Standing this close to a vehicle that killed so many people kind of freaked me out. Especially after hanging out with something like Space Shuttle Discovery
See you soon!
You are viewing images from 11/09/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 96 pictures.
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