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I ran into the one and only Kevin Smith at the Buffalo Airport! Looking good, Kev!
Our plane apparently pulled off a sonic rainboom
Really, the sun as on the other side of the plane and refracted off the upper layers of a cloud, and of course created a shadow of the plane
Vic snapped this photo of me tweaking the code of the sign app while it was displaying in the hallway
The Powerpuff Girls!
An amazing Gyarados cosplay! I also liked her because she spent a lot of time in the VAT
AMV Singalong didn't have the greatest turnout, but the guy in the pink hair was really into it
Grumpy Cat was the official mascot of the VAT control booth
Another Pinkie Pie cosplayer!
Amanda poses with a fellow Pinkie Pie cosplayer
I haven't even played this game and I was impressed by this Journey cosplay
This DJ-PON3 cosplayer was all over the place all weekend
This guy said he was cosplaying as "The Mythbusters"
For Omar's cake this year, he went with a waffle theme. It's not actually a giant waffle and that's not actually an enormous pad of butter... but it all looks like it!
Fluttershy loves Ponies Anthology
The new hotel could best be described as labyrinthine
A flower? From me?? Thanks Enderwoman!
Omnipresent Jefferson strikes again!
Tearing down the VAT
Vic tackled the difficult task of taking down the server
Brakus kicked in and isn't even on staff!
Looking through the leftover prizes to decide what Vlad gets for his winning Upbeat video
Teardown went smoothly!
Vic wraps up VAT teardown
Alan is practicing for the chair rodeo
Bryce checks his iPhone
Amanda's ready for the staff party
Omar checks out the empty rooms
Amanda got me a Trixie figure!
Telling stories at the staff dinner
Omar smuggled a lot of bread out of the dinner
It's not the whole department, but it's a good chunk! The AUSA 2012 AMV Theatre Staff!
Amanda poses with the crazy bear thing outside of the Marriott!
You are viewing images from 11/11/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 34 pictures.
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