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Holy crap it's James!
Tony's costume was really creepy
James just busted out the same Indiana Jones costume he wore in 2007
"I'm not really a doctor, I just play one at parties"
Brett's costume required a rifle, which is funny since he threw out last year's rifle a few weeks ago
Shayna's fake ID
Holy crap, Mike is back from Japan!!
My costume was pretty low effort
Bryce formulates his medical opinion of his drink
Artifact hunter and.. garbage man?
It's great to have you back, Mike!
Shayna's awesome Leeloo costume
One of the creepiest pictures of Tony ever. Yes, that's Twilight Sparkle he's holding
Appa hit the candy bowl hard
All these nice drinks, and you're drinking a PBR??
Brett looks incredulous
I'm not sure what's up with this face
Meanwhile, in the living room
Bryce is really excited
Beany is ready to rock
Oh no! Creepums! Tony's creepy robotic dog
"Buh buh buh"
Derpy-James gives Tony some pizza advice
Photobombing jerks
The holy goblet
Brett and Ericka!
Tony's in pizza making mode
The Tony Stark chest pieces is important to this
Brett offers me a weird shot in a test tube
James is already combining other peoples' costumes into his own
Shayna's wig is so bright!
Funny joke
Mike dives into yet another photo
Group photo!
Goddamnit Mike
Beany's been hitting the test tube shots with Creepums
Leeloo Multidrink
Funny jokes on the couch
James thinks about whatever nonsense Bryce is spouting
Creepums is still hungry
Pose for the camera!
Brett's starting to get that drunk look on his face
Look out, Brett! A zombie!
Brett also confiscated the dip
Why is that drink so green?
Good times!
Christa and Shayna!
Creepums is making a move on Beany
Tony's latest masterpiece is ready
"This guy!"
Appa takes the spotlight from Steph
Appa is so huge!
What the hell is Mike doing?
Bryce is weighed down by all the responsibilities of a party doctor
Oh jeez. Emily has the pony ears.
Party pony?
James acquires yet another costume piece
Bryce joins in the dancing
"I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!"
Oh boy is he
Brett you're doing it wrong
"What do you mean??"
Hey, can you blame him?
I caught Mike in Beany's Hello Kitty ears
"I'm not really a doctor.... I just play one at parties!!" yes Bryce, we know. You already said that
Changing the music
Now that is a flattering photo
Pose for the camera!
Tony with his cobweb wig. Cobwig.
Oh no, Tony, run!
James is combining costumes!!
Hello Dr. Kitty
What.. the hell is going on here
Mike thinks he's sneaky
What is everyone looking at?
Wonder Woman!
James looks so tall!
Bryce with his famous grimace
Hi Beany!
"No photos"
This is serious business!
Where did that hat come from?
Emily looks so disheveled!
I don't want Creepums!
Me and Beany are gangstas
Brett's turn with the hat
I'm not sure what they're laughing at here
Beany's crazy face
I walked in on a weird extended group hug
Brett is really diggin the group hug
Bryce and Mike were also sort of alarmed
Mike tried to land the hat on my head while Bryce filmed it
Brett's costume is getting weirder and weirder
#1 party!
Ahhh, recovery breakfast the next day
We could sure use it
I think Bryce needs some coffee
We had breakfast and Emily and James' place
I'm not sure what's going on here but I don't think Shayna is a fan
James still knows how to solve the Rubik's Cube!
I was impressed
Looking over the paper plates that Bryce and James used for their Wheeled Warriors intro
Plate two
Plate three!
The lightning league!
Mike is one with the cobwebs
Now James is armed
Trying to shoot stuff out of the moving cobwebs
He hit it!
Mike cocoons Creepums into the cobwebs like one of the xenomorphs
They couldn't quite support his web
Creepums emerges from the cobwebs... gross.
Pinball at Uncle Sam's!
Brett loves Uncle Sam's
I wasn't very good at pinball
Beany's never been to Uncle Sam's!
Maybe not that excited
And that was Rippoween 2012!
You are viewing images from 11/18/12 in the main gallery. This set contains 125 pictures.
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