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I surprised everyone by showing up the night before!
Phil was recovering from a jager-nuke
You know it's a party when Dustin has his panda hat on
Christina set up camp next to the fireplace
Kevin surveys the morning snow
Phil's ready for a day of igloo building
Luckily, they had already built half an igloo the day before
Phil brought a handy trenching tool
Inspecting the super-frozen half-igloo
Real classy, guys
Kevin gathers some snow for brickmaking
We used a cooler to build bricks
Here on vacation.. hard at work
Stomp it down!
Kevin brings more snow
The view across the lake
Stacking the new bricks
The shovels have betrayed Phil for the last time
Igloo building is hard work
Phil thinks he looks cool
Steve in the great outdoors
Making snow paste!
Dustin finally emerges from the cabin
Getting water for snow paste
Good thing Steve has his trusty walking stick
Dustin gets started early
Hey it's Christina! And it's me!
Dumping snow into the brick form / cooler
The igloo is growing!
It gets more complicated as it tilts inwards
Needs more paste!
Dustin saves his heavy lifting for beer
What's with that face, Kevin?
It grows!
Look at how pointy this brick is!
I volunteered to be the inside man
I really need a haircut
This is how we supported the arch until the igloo was finished
Steve's got a fresh pot of paste
My view from inside the igloo
The igloo is finished! The supports have been removed
Steve is a b ig fan of the igloo
Phil shovels out some of the loose snow
Clearing the igloo entrance
Igloo time!
Igloo #1
The complete structure. And it only took us like seven hours. Real pros.
Megan ventuerd outside the cabin for a little igloo time
And then we killed Steve
Party in the igloo!
Now that that's done, it's sledding time!
Such a colorful sled
Who needs to walk?
Phil gears up for the first sled ride of the day
Little Bills fan
Steve gets started on the sled jump
Kevin's just going to watch for now
And off Steve goes
"Oh god!"
The walk back uphill is a little arduous
Kevin's in the zone
Megan kept shouting "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"
Dustin kept insisting on going headfirst
With predictable results
Looking good, Dustin
Remember kids, don't drink and sled
Steve's got the good sled
Taking the slow blue one down the hill
Everyone seemed to be aiming directly for my caemra bag
Phil goes flying through the woods
Good thing he didn't hit anything
Have sled, will travel
I'm not sure Phil ever made it to the bottom without wiping out
Today was Christina's first day sledding!
Kevin loses it again
Imminent disaster in about half a second
Dustin kept smashing the jump with his head
Air time!
Out of control!
Phil just kept adding to the jump
Kevin gets some air
Phil is ready to bury him
This used to be Dustin
Shortly after popping his glasses lens back in
Where's Phil going?
Christina was the best sledder in the group!
"That was fun!"
Steve does his best to destroy the jump
Cloud of snow
I wasn't much more steady than anyone else
About a half second after this picture, Dustin was flat on his back
Meanwhile, Christina keeps nailing the jump and sticking the landing
Phil starts out right..
And then ends up like this
One handed!
That doesn't look like proper sled form
Dustin gave Phil a push.. with disasterous results
Christina finally crashes
Crashing through the snow
Back in the warm cabin!
And then a dance party happened for some reason
Complete madness
So many lights
Megan stopped everyone from duct taping lights to the fan
The morning after.. Great times!
You are viewing images from 02/10/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 111 pictures.
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