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Gotta get the tunes going
Don't tell me what to do!
Guys on a crane in downtown Buffalo
The border!
I probably shouldn't be taking pictures of customs agents searching stuff
Let's.. not go there
Waiting in line at MarineLand
James is so excited
Hey it's that drop tower I forget the name of
You have an oddly shaped head
James struck this pose right in front of a group of people who didn't see me taking a picture. They were confused
Orca whale!
James is blue
The pandas of the sea. Except not really.
I think we know what this shark has been doing on his downtime
I'm pretty sure this isn't a real animal
Hey I know that guy
Gangsta squid ride
So scary
Drop tower looming in the background
Hello up there!
James is having a great time
James is funny cause he rides everything even if he isn't interested
Another terrifying ride
"I think I just sat in water.."
"Is my ass wet?"
"Oh god"
So calm
Swing chairs are fun
Photo op!
Flying free
This thing looks complicated
So many little cars
The belugas were checking us out
James with the whales
This whale posed for a picture with me
Hello? Yes, this is whale
Hi there
Whale closeup!
Another curved mirror!
Spinning around
James was taking these corners really fast
I don't think that's a real bear
I really wanted to hit the buttons
Yet another "spinning thing on a spinning arm" thing
Action shot
Canadian money isn't real money!
"Hey kid, you got some food?"
We fed him what appeared to be kix
He nearly ate my lens cap when I dropped my lens and the cap rolled into the water. Whoops
And this is how James lost his arm
Hey bear, go get my lens cap
It's too hot for them
Hanging out in the shade
This dude didn't seem to be having a very fun time
Oh hi there
Meanwhile, in stinktown
This buffalo or bison or whatever is freaking out
Coaster loops over the treeline
Jungle coaster?
This looks like a level in TF2
Niagara Falls
Drop tower!
There was a film crew making a commercial out of peoples' reactions
Dropping back down!
Oh no, I've been spotted
That doesn't mean YOU have to scream, James
This area is apparently dedicated to harassing deer. I just took one picture and left
Dragon Mountain was closed. It's ok though, James went back the next day
So many inflatable animals! I asked the guy who worked there if he ever jumped in and he said he knew someone who did and they just went right through and broke his shoulder on the ground
James' amazing season pass
This seal reminded me of Buzz. Just because of the whiskers though
Onwards, to Martin's Fantasy Island!
Was this a problem?
In line for a kiddie coaster
A coaster is a coaster!
Number 715, or something like that
Is he going to fall out?
New coaster!
It was pretty intense
That's one goofy looking coaster
Don't be fooled, folks. This is actually just a trash can
Where to next?
This thing looked insane
People ride it many times in a row since every time they get on, their memory is erased
James refuses to hold on
I dub this The Ennauseator
Rainbow coaster!
James will be mad that I can't remember its name
Whooo! Rides!!
These flying swings were too high
Hey look! It's Sky Screamer again!
The lame view from the super lame ferris wheel. We got two turns around and that was it
Take your photos fast!
James loves rides
What.. the hell.. is this
Ahhh, look out!!
Dinner while watching Nick Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon on TV
Black light underground Canadian minigolf!
Hey it's that giant ferris wheel
Look at it ferris.
Ahhh, we're in it!
The non-black light above ground Canadian minigolf.
Inside the giant ferris wheel
Cool lights on the falls
Lights everywhere
Clifton Hill
Such structure
Wheel of Canada, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn
Rainbow falls!
The lights are pretty cool
They were red for a long time
Blood falls
Super long exposure on rainbow falls!
So many colors
The much talked about "Supermoon"
You are viewing images from 06/24/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 126 pictures.
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