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Time to get started?
Greg's here!
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris know we've got one hell of a night ahead of us
Looking over the menu at Ruth Chris, a steak house in Manhattan
Greg loves pictures
Much beer was had
Is the steak here yet?
Ahhh, there we go
Now where?
I love this shot. It looks like the future or something!
New York City!
To Kenka?
Greg snapped this amazing shot of the Empire State Building out the window of a taxi
I want to know if they bought all those from the "used creepy baby doll" store
Insane tanuki
Waiting to get into Kenka
The bouncers outside the bar around the corner from Kenka were pretty cool
Still waiting to get into Kenka!
We were all having a pretty good time
Busted taking a photo
Ahhh, see??
Finally inside Kenka, let's check out the menu
Lots of Japanese
EXTREMELY dry! We insisted on extremely dry.
Wake up and smell the sake
Also beer. Gotta have more beer
Busted taking another picture
Raff kept yelling at me to not take his picture. Which, of course, made it more fun to take his picture
"Hmm.. sake needs to be more dry.."
The chilled glasses were perfect for the insanely hot night
I'm not even going to tell you what this is
Greg is unsure, but ocmmitted. Perhaps the lemon will help
"Are you taking my picture again??"
A sampling...
It's good!
Greg disagrees
Having second thoughts?
Almost 1am at a weird Japanese bar? Time for sunglasses!
Photo duel!
Yesss, sunglasses all around
The sake and the sunglasses were extremely dry
Attempting to coat Greg's head in cotton candy
Disaster strikes! Grinding noises, commotion, candy flying everywhere!
OK, time to make our escape
At least we rescued the sake. Or beer. Or whatever. The important thing is it has alcohol in it
You are viewing images from 06/27/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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