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Lots of giant ads in New York
Hit block, receive pizza
Cool graffiti! Or art! Or something
I live in Buffalo, I'm not used to seeing stuff to do and people doing stuff
Goran loves soda
That looks like a pretty great donut
I don't like this pig
Bryce is going to cut me into paper dolls with his new pall
Lord Zedd!
Checking out the Manhattan skyline while waiting for the ferry
1 WTC is nearly done
Empire State Building
This guy was serving shaved ice by ACTUALLY SHAVING ICE
Those beams are sticking pretty far out
To the ferry!
I'm an adult
Uhh.. is that normal?
Williamsburg Bridge
Nobody drop anything on me
Hey I recognize that Verizon building from some iconic photos from 12 years ago
Brooklyn Bridge!
Under the Brooklyn Bridge
The closest I got to the Statue of Liberty
Booo, Wall Street. Booo.
Hey it's that Willow look-alike again!
This building looks all janky.. but it does it on purpose
Bryce was psyched to see Midtown Comics
Getting closer to 1 WTC
Posing with 1 WTC!
Why are they taking pieces down?
Bryce loves when I make him pose for photos
This was about as close as I got to 1 WTC. Maybe I'll get the memorial tour next time
Neat memorila art
This is where Occupy Wall Street was
Now there's people doing street performances
"Am I allowed to take photos on the subway?" "I don't know" "Let's find out"
The gay pride parade, right after DOMA was repealed!
In a lot of ways, the gay pride parade looks similar to an anime con..
Miss Trans Universe
Suz is shrot
Again.. the anime con parallel
Keeping traffic from driving into the parade
Ahhh, buildings are disappearing!
Is it just me, or is this guy slightly smaller than he should be
I didn't notice someone noticed me taking this picture until I got home!
Waiting for sliders
Oh my god we're back at Kenka!! Don't let them see me!!
Another video game shop
Look out Goran, Bryce is coming for you!!
What is this monstrosity
What the hell is this thing??
"Lose weight by ignoring the sign above this one"
Cool window art
Goran came prepared with an umbrella
"Oh my god, photos"
Cool store, but unbearably hot and humid
So many N64 agmes
The Oculus Rift's old second cousin twice removed
I've never even heard of this thing
Hey, very cool. Kojima's autograph!
And Miyamoto's!
Hey kid, need an N64?
"Mario? I don't know"
Goran strikes a pose
Hi Suz!
Walking back to Suz and Goran's apartment
New York streets
Think you're cool with your rain shield?
Getting ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop
You can tell by the unicorns
Mxy is my friend
Suz is now 20% cooler
Sunset on the city
Goran couldn't resist the ridiculous boxed water
At this place you ordered your dinner by the POUND. Who thinks of their food by the pound? This is 3/4 pound of pulledp ork, btw
Long exposure from the roof of the apartment building
Lastly we went to Barcade. A bar and classic arcade games! Awesome!
You are viewing images from 06/30/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 85 pictures.
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