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We're baaack!
Omar's been on site since Wednesday
Staff reg staff!
To Pub Ops!
Hey, fancy banner
Oh god, who created this abomination! Certainly not the Pub Ops folks
The reg line is already there
Omar can't believe his eyes
Look at the space between letters!
The registration folks hard at work
Hey I like this sign
Making badges!
Keep that line moving!
Ooo, another giant banner
So many registration stations
The line is pretty long.. and sleepy
It is 3DS cental here at Otakon
Amanda's ready to get the gear!
Hey it's me in my snazzy Otakon jersey!
Amanda somehow got a photo I took of her on her staff badge
The con chair's car!
This cart was the best thing we ever got
Look how much stuff we can move on wheels now!
Lots of activity at Pub Ops
Vic's just gonna.. take these signs
Can you hear me now?
This is a pretty obscure joke..
We're back in AMV Ops!
Mckeed's on staff this year!
Setting up in Video 1
Let's play "find the bad connection"
The seats in Video 1
The lonliest seat
Hey cool, a photo mosaic
Made out of photos!
Testing the output from the server
Fixing the scaler
Vic doing what Vic does
Amanda's a mic stand
Our awesome sound guy James
Vic had fun once. IT was awful
The quiet BCC
Drinking water in cramped elevators
Oculus Rift time!
Resting up before the weekend really starts
The registration line is even bigger!
Queen Chrysalis and Flufflepuff!
Let's do this
An excellent Kirito
The lobby outside Video 1
What the hell is going on here
What is up with Deadpool?
Princess Bubblegum!
Professor Oak is confused
Ace and Luffy!
And the award for weirdest cosplay of the year goes to...
Follow the info flag!
Spiffy hair
That's one hell of a chainsaw
The Great Saiyaman!
The one on the right chirped at me!
Busy in the back halls
One classy creeper
Mr. White?
Whenever cosplayers picked up AMV badges we had a mini photoshoot
And here's Jefferson with a big box of beef jerky for some reason
Chinese food cube
Watch out for the scythe
I hear she's a League of Legends character
Brakus is ready to rock
Alan is on Con Coverage this year
Finally putting down that pesky Kyubey
Pinkie Pie loves bubbles!
Hey it's Shadow!
Metal Gear Backlight
Princess Tutu!
Optimus Prime in humanoid mode
It's the Bat Commander
Mckeed gears up
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey is confusing
They got it!
Elizabeth on her way to Paris
All these people are lined up for us?? Oh jeez
Twilight, noooo
Spyro the Dragon!
Vic gets our crazy battery powered TV set up
Seating's done!
AMV Contest action shot
Twilight's head and Rainbow Dash's eyes are a great touch
Oh god, nobody say anything or we'll never get him to shut up
Don't hit me!
I think the Pyro is a spy
Ballot counting time
The counting station
So many nice little piles of ballots
Count, Vic, count!
This guy voted for everything he DIDN'T want to win. It also shows a little bit of the image corruption that affected this batch.
Strange Lord of the Rings car
Strange but cool
We found Beany in Artist Alley!
This is Beany making a nice face
This is Beany making a nicer face
Hey I know that art!
Cause it's Holy Calamity!
I tried to commission an illustration from Beany but she wouldn't accept and did a quick doodle instead
Beany in art mode!
Thanks for the doodle, Beany!
Ready to fight some Titans!
Dr. Lutece has a tempting beverage for me
I'm not sure what's up with the photo of President Bush, but I like it
Vic is a happy photographer
How does the staff check in thing work?
Another impressive Attack on Titan cosplayer
Sailor Moon!
A typical text from Omar
Google Glass spotted in the wild!
Getting ready for Iron Editor
Oh no! A titan is attacking this photo shoot!
That 3D gear seems pretty cumbersome
How you can tell you're in AMV Ops
What's going on here?
Sailor scouts!
The Riddler checks.. I dunno, a riddle?
Zero Suit Samus!
So many Deadpools
Lots of other people taking photos
Dr. Venkman
Sweet pack
Mr. Pyson! The only person to staff Otakon all 20 years!
Is that a cabbage patch kid?
Otakon is fun?
A wild Scootaloo appears
Hey guys
Checking the schedule
"What do you think this says.."
"Just look at the schedule!"
The previous event ran long, but we still got everyone seated in time for the contest!
This is my view for an hour as I shout at people what group they're in
I'm told this is a League of Legends character but I don't care
Just arrived from Pandora
Where's this guy off to in such a hurry?
This is apparently the cool place to hang out
Ice Cold Water Man!
So many giant banners
Oh shit! A skeleton!
This guy is a man on a mission
A walking photo shoot!
Dark Link
Very cool Iron Man and Captain America!
Oh god, way too many people in the lobby outside Video 1
A very cool, and very strange, Powerpuff Girls cosplay group
Aww, it's OK. The room will be open again soon!
Holding back a sea of attendees
Good luck, Access Control Dude
"Welcome to Iron Editor Hell"
Half of the competitors
Omar speaks before the tribute to Pat Bohnet
Erica looks so startled. Maybe she just found out she's hosting IE
She's cosplaying as the girl from the intro to Battle Royale
A four way Iron Editor battle! Vic and Omar vowed to never do it again but forgot
Iron Editor is a popular event!
Vic's amazing Iron Editor intro
Shin is trying to defeind his title!
Pixelblended vs Pixelblended!
Erica looks for volunteers from the audience
The view from the back
Vic and Omar render the final videos
Vic and Omar at their most stressed
Amanda hiding behind the speakers
Dance, Brakus, dance!
Look at him go
"Let's go over there"
Shin and Kirebue
Kireblue wins!! Shin is dethroned
Congrats Kireblue!
This is all the crap we need to make Iron Editor happen
Another victim of technology
Just a Link cosplayer playing a trumpet in the middle of the night. Nothing unusual here
Omar secretly attached his cart to Mckeed's cart
Omar looks pretty suspicious..
"Who me?"
Throwing all the explodey discs at once!!
The Otakon 2013 AMV Department
Cool blue hallway
We found Beany!
"What's that, Mr. Shot? You want me to drink you?"
Who hates orange soda?
Beany drew Sawboss!
More drawing
Ah here we go. Sawboss in a more Beany style
Beany and her art friend!
Beany's art face?
Nooo, Beany stole my jersey and is absorbing Amanda!
Beany doesn't want to be a staffer. And is apparently 80 years old
Dan loves photos
Ryoga Chris recreates the photo of him sneaking into the Anime Boston 2004 masquerade with no badge
Dan made me a plate of art
Omar showed up with a bag full of burritos!
A madoka crew. Don't trust the one on the right
Moving the AMV gear back to the truck
Vic somehow got Dippin Dots cause he is a jerk
Waiting for our hotel room to be ready
Nope, you can't go to sleep yet, Vic. We've still got the Dead Dog
Liz came to visit!
Omar had to move all his pub ops crap back to the room because the BCC kicked him out
On our way to the Dead Dog
The distinctive BCC roof
Fancy cake
Omar's chest hair is out of control
Staff Dinner!
But.. which one is the real Terry??
Good times at the Dead Dog
Terry thanks the Otakon staff for doing what they do
Oh god! The faces are back!
I don't know what the deal with the faces is, but I like it
What happens when you give away a pile of weird old garbage that nobody else wanted? Line around the room.
Nabil plays some piano!
Looks like he got a normal size shirt this year
Signing the banner out front
Getting a machine set up for Rift time
Liz was really into this weird phone game
Omar finally dives into Virtual Reality
Liz got eaten by a shark and freaked out
No more sharks
Vic is the future
Alright, let's get the hell out of here
See you in like a month for Anime USA!
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