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My chariot awaits
John checks out the aircraft
Seems legit
John seems pretty confident in it
Ready to fly!
No nicks!
Don't hit your head on the wing like I did
A little cramped
Oh boy. This is how the plane gets out of the hangar
Looks good
Stuffed into the cockpit
Please be thorough with the checklist!
Ready to rock
Taxiing to the end of the runway
We're airborne!
You can see the players!
A little hazy today
Our target for this flight
John asked me to get some photos of this church from the air
We did a few orbits around it
I think these came out pretty nice!
Getting a little of the surrounding area
Coming around for another loop
And away we go
Feeling good
Using a phone can mess up this compass
Flying over Ralph Wilson stadium
Looking right down into the stadium
I've been in there!
It's a shame there wasn't a game!
The refugee camp where Steve tailgates
Looking at my apartment complex!
Hey there's my building!
A wider view of my apartment complex
Looking north down the 5
The rotary I take to work every day
People at the beach
Wind turbines!
So many little boats
The battleship near work
Hey it's Synacor!
HSBC tower
Looking down on the skyway
I love this shot. My favorite grain elevator along with the wind turbines
So many little houses
Little cars!
This is fun
Go-kart track?
Looking down into peoples' backyards
Flying straight is boring
Lining up with the runway
Back on the ground!
That's where I sat
This plane has seen better days
John brings the plane back to the hangar
Hi John!
A closeup of the abandoned airplane. At least, I assume it's abandoned
Still looks neat
Probably doesn't fly so great though
You are viewing images from 08/21/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 64 pictures.
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