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This pile of crap could only be used for one thing.. camping!
Ready to go?
We obviously had to pack a disco ball
My phone was big enough to rest on the volume knobs
The bugs are out of cnotrol out here
Getting tents set up first
Not bad for $20
Phil is a tent expert
Steve is not
Hooking up the pole.. thing
Christina's tent is almost ready
Megan laughs at Steve's tent making abilities
Smash smash smash
Phil takes to the woods to set up his hammock
Big foot?
He found the spot!
Steve and Megan are circling in on a complete tent
Phil is set for the weekend
Mike approves of beer
I had to buy a weird airplane
Why are we tying syrup to a string?
What's going on here
Syrup inthe air!
We're using it as a weight so we can get the rope over the branch
Heads up!
This is a strange photo
And now we can rasie the disco ball!
Up it goes!
Now let's go swimming
Spiffy waterfalls
Everything was very slippery
Phil splashes the day away
Don't slip down the rest of the waterfall!
So picturesque
I'm pretty sure I saw this in The Last of Us
Lots of water
That beer can is where Dustin slipped off the cliff and fell 20 feet onto his butt. Near-fatality number one
And here's near-fatality number two, where Sarah slid down the waterfall!
Cool abandoned structure
The curved wall is interesting
Carefully descending the waterfall
Hippie dog!
Creepy window
Hey look, a second waterfall
The full waterfall, viewed from the bottom
Phil vs the rocks
Everyone's having a fun time
Rocks and water
Time to walk back
Megan and Steve are glad nobody died
Cut to the next morning.. time for fire!
Christina can't wait
Dustin has this under control
Bacon time!
Phil emerges from his cocoon
Vietnam mode
This is clearly the "Phil smoking" sequence
Dustin just wants to know when breakfast is
That is a really poor paper airplane
Phil Minkler. Man of origami
A wild Christina appears!
Megan still has signal
Table of crap
Atticus made a friend
Nice view
Waiting for everyone to arrive
Hi Christina!
Sarah is buddies with the owl
The gang arrives
Ready to see some animals?
Don't spill the Jager!
Sunglasses time
Megan loves foxes
It's a fox!
What the hell is that?? Let's investigate
Path through the woods
I'm not sure this was designed for adults
Don't listen to this pro-spider propaganda!
Phil is trapped!
Heading upstairs
Hi Dustin
I think Phil found a new place for his hammock
Steve likes giant treehouses
Megan just wishes there were foxes up here
Sarah misses her owl
Or jump, whatever
Watch your head
Sarah doesn't know about the treehouse
"Let's see some butterflies"
They're over here
Let's go to there
Walking over to the river
It's all moving and stuff
This is the cover to our new album
Steve, don't drink the water!
Phil's ready for a dunk
Posing for his calendar
Phil's model shot
And you want to be my latex salesman
Say cheese!
Phil takes a dip in the brain amoeba pool
Christina's model shot
Walking down the trail
Phil remembered we were heading to a restaurant and tried to dry off
The creepy faces on the wall weren't supposed to be part of this group photo
"Did you leave without me?"
Let's start a fire
Magazines by flashlight
Christina loves fire
Steve totally doesn't look like a dork
What's that in the woods?
Oh nothing. Just the tent that Phil hurled into the woods
Well, we survived the night, apparently
Returning to the Deadly Deadly Falls
Dustin feels pretty good about it this time
This guy was also taking pictures!
Camera duel!
They wouldn't let us have a number in our stock ticker, so it's TWOU
Time for beer from Ithaca Beer Co!
Cold beer on a hot day
Dustin likes beer
So does Christine!
Beer tour time!
So many tanks
This thing was bubbling and making weird noise
Megan likes beer
Smelling hops
Tom is unsure of this photo
"Beer? Is that you?"
Dustin's ready to get this tour on the road
These look like tubes from Walter White's lab
Megan and Steve like beer!
Special beer in special casks
Generic photo!
Our knowledgeable and entertaining tourguide
I got some awesome root beer
Phil and I couldn't figure out how to play this game but it was fun
"What did you say?"
Steve uses his new sign as a sunshield
Atticus is my origami assistant
So this is what it's like to hang out with me
Steve's fancy hat
I finished the origami ball!
Let's party!! (Note the reflected light in the tree)
This is what camping is alllll about
Francis Gary Powers can't come home with us
We all said a few words for the little guy
Camping is over now.
You are viewing images from 08/25/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 172 pictures.
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