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Charlie came prepared.. and then left all his stuff in the car
This bobblehead dog has seen better days
It was a litle chilly, but Charlie was feeling pretty good
Let's do this..
Zombies!! Ahh!
This is how you know it's a good event
And Charlie wastes no time on the waiver
I think Goran just noticed he's not in bed
Apples are best for running from zobies
This is where they hurled fake blood at zombie volunteers
This guy has a fun job
Even zombies are hooked on social media
Ack! That zombie saw me!
Lots of people were running
An important station
A pile of peoples' lives
Even the medical staff were dressed up
A survivor dives into the "blood bath"
This guy is about to be very cold
So graceful
An appropriate reaction to the temperature of the "blood"
And yet a line forms!
Run, survivors!
Somehow, where we were still counted as Brooklyn. You can still see Manhattan!
This is one eager zombie
Clearly these are two people who are not dead yet
Charlie kept giving advice about not wasting energy.. and then dancing
I just chose this picture cause Suz looks funny
Team Alive!
Charlie almost looks like he knows what he's doing
Suz too
Time to run
Hey zombies!
Charlie decided to just rob a local bank instead
Only 10 minutes until running time!
All hail the gas heat lamp thing
So many people. How many will survive?
You fools! You're wasting precious energy!
GoPro man came prepared
Even bananas have to pee
Good luck, enthusiastic strangers!
These two were in high spirits. Though I don't think they skipped through the whole thing
Go banana! Also, look out for that monkey man with a GoPro!
I missed them start.. but there goes the gang!
This was a very proactive zombie
Two survivors try to figure out how to get past the fast zombies
She's gonna get you!
Get him! Ahhhh!!
Crawling out of the smoke house
I don't get it, but ok
This guy kept making faces at me
Another one bites the dust
Clearly dressed for survival
The guy in the yellow kept warning the other zombies that survivors were coming by moaning "braiinns"
Run for your life!
Not all the injuries were fake, but luckily none were too serious
Zombies out in the open!
Even zombies get tired
Survivors incoming!
Back stretching?
Run, Zombie Bait, run!
This sneaky zombie kept hiding behind trash barrels
Run away!
Hey sneaky zombie!
Hey there they are! They're all dead but Goran!
Oh, now Goran's dead too. Bummer!
Stop pointing at me!
These lazy bums didn't even crawl out of the smoke house
Oh god, Charlie's shirt is off
Let's just climb up here...
Charlie and CJ jump for their lives
Plunging into the blood!
Charlie may regret his decision
Nah, it was awesome. CJ isn't a fan though
Suz and Goran are up next!
Bad ideaaaaaa
Charlie was lovingi t
Suz was cold
There was a steady stream of jumpers into the blood
Since they're already dead, they didn't have to hurry too much in the final zombie field
Which was good cause they were busy being cold
The end is in sight!
Crawl, Charlie!
You're almost there!
Oh no, he died
Goran does some kind of bizarre spider walk
Suz, you're almost there!
Well, not really, you died like half an hour ago
CJ too!
You survived!
Actually you all died, but you survived dying!
Warm clothes are the best
And they all got medals!
And crappy beer!
You are viewing images from 10/26/13 in the main gallery. This set contains 101 pictures.
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