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Ready for some pictures?
Camera duel!
Is that... a Mercury-Atlas??
It is! And behind it is that.. a Gemini-Titan??
Rockets in Queens!
Parked outside a science museum. There's even an F1 engine next to them
What.. the hell.. is being filmed here
A monument to the future breakdown fo society? Looks pretty grim
Suz tries out the 300mm Sigma
Ooo, a geodesic dome. Spot the pentagons
Hey it's the UFOs
Men in Black UFOs!
It's the Earth!
Bizarre abandoned buildings at Flushing Meadows
La Guardia is nearby so lots of planes fly overhead
This Earth is a lot bigger than the one outside Nickelodeon Studios, which is what I thought this was going to be
A higher altitude lpane
I like Suz's bag
May I present..
..the many faces of Suz
So funny
Let's get closer
Suz so tiny!
So that's what the bottom of North America looks like
It's the moon.. through the earth!
This seems.. odd
Getting closer to the observation towers
This is so retro-future
Let's climb it
This is some straight up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. nonsense
Upon inspection, I'm not sure how Will Smith climbed these
So grungy
They really do look like UFOs..
What the hell is this thing? An asteroid catcher?
Suz thought the wide angle adapter was cool
Too short for pictures
The asteroid catcher is so rusty
The UFOs look even more menacnig when viewed through the asteroid catcher
What the hell is this face??
UFOs, asteroid catcher, and earth all at once!
Next we checked out the skate park
No one is wearing helmets
What! A quadcopter! That must mean that somewhere nearby..
Ahh, there's the pilot. Flying via remote video! Impressive
The quadcopter passes in front of the UFOs
Pretty impressive machine
I bet this is more impressive when the water is on
Weird statue
More weird statues
Flushing Meadows is pretty cool!
And we barely even saw any of it!
You are viewing images from 03/08/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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