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In honor of 4/20 weekend, ST&B's theme was "Don't Do Drugs"
I'm not sure the hosts took their own advice
Goran investigates my absurd $20 tablet
Steven takes a look at the tablet
And of course I had my Rubik's Cube on me
The rainbow has chosen Charlie's beard
Steven has a flower
This is the cover to Charlie and Goran's new album
Calm down!!
What's wrong, Steven?
This phone has some issues
Bicycle safety makes Goran happy
And he's off
Watch the lights!
We found Andy!
Fette Sau was packed as always
You need to be constantly checking for an open table
Ready for a giant pile of meat?
Andy knows what line to be near
Hi Mike
Charlie polls everyone on what to order
I'm not sure why everyone likes drinking out of jars
Well that jug of beer went fast
So many buns!
Charlie and Goran order the pile
And here it is!
Fette Sau makes Goran go all crosseyed
Energetic discussion
Everyone shut up and eat
Goran and his damned boxed water..
This is Andy's face when he found out Charlie's middle name is Charlie and his actual name is Raymond
I like to imagine Charlie ate something of Goran's and Goran is trying to get it back here
Charlie had to get something behind the dumpsters so we trapped him
You trapped, buddy?
I bet Andy was in favor of trapping Charlie
Goran likes to make goofy faces when he sees my camera
To Barcade?
I love those things!
Time for some beer and games
Andy's got some beer
Charlie explains one of his bizarre drinking games
The rules are complicated
Somehow I became the victim
I was not very good at it. Luckily I took small sips
Sexting was involved
Szus is here!
Suz tries to understand the rules
Squish Goran!
Cut to the next morning.. Brunch!
Squish Suz!
Goran is sleepy
Suz checks up on the internets
Who's ready for intoxicants??
You are viewing images from 04/20/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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