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Mel picked me up from the train station
Hey that's her!
Look at all the circles in this absurd car. Speaking of circles, it's 3:14!
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me driving?"
This is where the movie magic happens.
Mel's amazing giant sectional couch
Clearly Mel is super relaxed
Rubik's Cubes are confusing
So relaxed
Let's go get Milo from the train station
It's Milo! One of the actors int he film
Checking out the final cut
The sacred disc!
This is a very Mel photograph
Getting ready to look fancy
Let's go!
Mel's ready!
It's raining
Running through the rain!
Rain doesn't concern Milo
A rainbow! That's a good sign
Run run run
Brett met us at the theater
Mel outside of her first movie premiere!
Columbus Theater
Looking for people
Steph loves goofy faces
"Should we head in?"
Filmmaker! That's Mel!
Getting our tickets proved troublesome
There, now no one can say I'm not in this batch
It's Raz!
Also Bailey!
My ticket!
We're finally here
Mel, are you ready for this?
Caught Steph off guard this time
Mel's holding it together!
I think hanging out with friends made her more relaxed
Also some wine
Mel was asked to speak briefly about the film before starting
I forget what this guy talked about
People here to see the movie!
"JP's taking our picture"
Raz and Milo talk about the film
Group photos!
Everyone say "Wander My Friends"!
Everyone looks the same as in the previous photo except Mel
Raz thanking people
Mel didn't feel too bad about actually accidentally hitting Raz in the face
Thanks for coming!
Bye Milo!
"Who's that guy with the camera?"
Hugs outside the theater
Very late night diner!
Slightly more reasonable hour diner
Completely unreasonable food item. "The Elvis". It has peanut butter and bacon
You are viewing images from 04/27/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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