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Megan has taken over the house so Steve is staying with everyone else at The Rhombus, aka Dustin's apartment
Kevin and Dustin playing some old football game
Phil remembers the bachelor party
I have no idea what this game is
Pretzel rod?
"You taking my picture?"
Steve was pretty relaxed considering it was the night before his wedding
Maybe too relaxed..
Total eclipse by Mike's head?
I like to think Dustin starts every day by watching Arrested Development
Kevin is agitated about something
Working hard on his amazing Best Man speech
Too bright for Phil
Let's go to breakfast!
I did a double take when I saw the logo on Dustin's car
Waiting to be seated
What to get..
They wouldn't give Steve a whole banana, which was pretty weird. Sliced only.
Did they not trust him to peel it properly?
Driving is serious business
Back at The Rhombus
Dustin wears his usual basketball uniform
Last minute arrangements?
Definitely ready for some sportball
Steve's regular basketball teammates aren't so sure about Dustin's getup
What better way to be relaxed on your wedding day than to work out execess energy with some sportball!
I'm not sure why Phil even changed
Dustin's posture.. he seems so unsure
Better form, Dustin
Steve's ready to warm up
He's got the ball!
Dustin demonstrates proper dribbling technique
A lot of these pictures are of Dustin.. but he was just so ridiculous my camera was drawn to him
Kevin rocking the rec-specs
Think carefully, line it up
Gotta get warmed up!
Exhale.. visualize.. and shoot!
Mike's ready to go too
Phil wanders aimlessly
Basketball is fun!
Warmup ends, the game begins, and I do my best to capture the action without taking a basketball to the face
I've never actually seen a basketball game. I was glad Steve emerged unscathed. Megan would have killed him if he showed up with a black eye
Not getting past Mike so easily..
The game moved really quickly
Brian's got the ball
I can see why Steve brings multiple t-shirts
I'm not sure that's how basketball is played
All the Mikes are seemingly difficult to get the ball past
Dustin's feeling the burn
And he's in the game!
Kevin needs a breather. Or maybe just a laugh since Dustin replaced him
Somehow Phil looks more tired than Tom and Tom is in the game!
Back down the court
Tom gets his face smashed in
Looking down the court at the action
Steve looks so determined and Mike looks so distraught. Guy in the back just looks shocked
Watching them play I can see how this could take a toll on your knees
Tom shoots.. but does he make it?
Steve takes no prisoners, knocking Kevin over as he goes in for the shot
And it's away! Kevin is awestruck
Well that was fun. Time to get married!
You are viewing images from 05/03/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 66 pictures.
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