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While waiting for the bus I took a few photos of my neighborhood
Greenpoint Ave on a typical Saturday
Hardware store
Neat clouds
One of the omnipresent neon-vest adorned delivery guys on his silent electric scooter
And here's my bus!
Fixee? Yup, I'm in Williamsburg
What happened to the giant Cheez-It?
Charlie is SO EXCITED!
So is Goran
Video games!
Donkey Kong is tricky
What is Charlie going to play?
Goran's characteristic brightly colored Converse shoes
"Hey, I think he's taking a picture of my shoes"
The birthday girl herself!
Suz is ready for a fun night
So is CJ
Let's head to the BBQ place!
Eric waiting for the street light
Suz's reaction to seeing my camera is to make a goofy face EVERY TIME
Charlie is a hungry man
The whole gang walking down the sidewalk
Charlie is walking backwards! So talented
"Are you ready for someBBQ??"
I think everyone is
CJ got some kind of fruity drink
Eric looks over his glasses. Maybe he needs bifocals!
Who knows what Goran is talking about, he's so far away!
Dig in!
I was told to take this picture for a future Photoshop beard swap
Where next, Suz?
Charlie does the subway dance
Dancing is over
The subway on a Saturday night
Suz needs to relax
Charlie contacts his home world
Josh seems concerned
I think Suz is explaining the plan
Everyone on the train!
Wait, that was the wrong train. Everyone back off again.
"Is THIS the right train??"
Trains are fun
"Are you documenting the subway ride?"
I'm not sure what this Suz-face is about
Josh demonstrates his lackluster poledancing technique
Charlie was unimpressed
Eric's wasn't much better
Charlie got really into it
Maybe too into it..
Back to the surface!
Andrew, coffee man extraordinaire
"Are you ready for some karaoke?"
I was taking Josh's picture and he suddenly snapped into this pose
Andy! Where did you come from??
Over there??
Suz looks through the world's oldest karaoke song list
Karaoke is fun
"Get out of the damn way, Josh!"
Goran and Steven
Suz is a pop star
Charlie is a beer bottle
Josh is concerned about his personal space
Well that was fun
You are viewing images from 05/18/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 67 pictures.
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