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Beany strikes a pose
Suz is overwhelmed by the number of food stands
You can tell when Suz has noticed the camera..
Let's find some food!
Don't worry Beany, we'll find a food stand that doesn't have a huge line
Cool reflections on 1 WTC today
Some sort of.. milk.. drink thing?
This raises some questions..
Goran seems unsure of whatever the hell it is that he's eating
Beany's glasses are so reflective!
I think Suz is jealous of Beany's lemonade
Goran with some sort of cheese stack
Giant pancake?
Giant CONICAL pancake!
Mmm, corn
Beany loves New York
Is Goran critiqueing her pose?
Beany seems unsure of taking the ferry
I should start captioning these with Suz's full name and email so future employers find these photos
Is it truly a day of goofy photos
Suz hates Starbucks
This is Goran's first ever Twinkie
Beany seems apprehensive
Seems alright..
Goran!! That is not how you eat a Twinkie!
"Don't tell me how to eat a Twinkie"
Neat building
Closeup of Beany's cool hat
Getting sickeningly sweet food at the world's largest candy shop
What should we get??
Beany's response to my constant photo taking
Let's all poke Suz!!
Behold.. "fun-due"
It's so fun
I didn't even want to dip the rice krispie treats. I just ate them off a stick
Time to buy some candy
Gross fake-food candy
Candy bars!
So much candy! And this is just one floor!
Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sony apparently made candy-filled Move cnotrollers
"No pictures!"
As if mannequins weren't creepy enough already..
What to buy..
Beany's down with Jesus
Buying candy is fun
I think Goran is ready to leave
Next day, after Spoons, Toons & Booze!
Pugs, not Drugs. Also beer, but that doesn't rhyme
Suz likes to buy drinks with lots of accessories
What's this face for?
"Do you like my pigtails?"
Beany draws ponies on my phone
Hey look, the rare photo of me
"Oh beer, you're so dreamy"
Kiss attack?
Beany's got the rainbow on her!
Ahh! I really have the rainbow on me!
Beany gets to play with CJ's braindead cat Maka
Let's all pet her!
OK, Maka's not braindead, but she is pretty goofy
You are viewing images from 05/25/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 62 pictures.
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