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Driving past the airport on the way to KSC
Kennedy Space Center!
We're here!
So excited
Since I was last here they stood the ET/SRB stack up vertically. It's so tall!
Sunglass selfie
Yaaay NASA
We got here a little early.. the gates weren't open yet
They won't let us in!
Suz is ready to go to space
Close and lock your visors!
Hey I know those two
Suz loves commercial crew
Me and Dream Chaser are buddies
Suz was impressed by the shuttle stack
Looking up at the stack, so tall!
Suz provided for scale
External tank!
Suz snaps her own picture
A KSC photographer took our picture with Atlantis
Hello Atlantis!
I've seen Endeavour launch, Discovery at the Smithsonian (and in orbit), and now Atlantis. So I've seen all remaining space shuttles!
Suz poses next to the guy who answered a bunch of our questions. He worked on the shuttles for much of the program!
It's a gorgeous spacecraft
Umbilical connections near the aft of the vehicle
Looking up along the payload bay doors. Incredible
There were a bunch of random little exhibits in the area
Suz was nervous about standing behind the main engines
You may, or more likely may not, recognize this as the SSME from the observation gantry when I visited in 2011 for STS-134!
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
Suz is the Commander! How appropriate
I had to settle for pilot
RTLS abort mode? Scaaary
It was awesome getting to be so close to Atlantis in the on-orbit configuration
Suz tries her hand one of the Kinect-based EVA games
My turn
Yaay, look at me go
Suz had some trouble with the Kinect
Space tools!
A mockup of the Hubble. The Hubble is HUGE
Every time I turned around to take a look I just wanted to spend all day staring at it
Close up of the cockpit and lettering
An MMU above us!
The OMS pods look so worn out
Looking up at the RMS end effector
The RCS thrusters look a lot bigger up close
Closeup of the connections on the side
This emblem has been to some interesting places
Looking up at the crew cabin
The incredible thermal protection system
Suz does her best to pretend to be floating
Suz was scared to crawl across the tube because it was see through and like 50 feet in the air
This big slide is supposed to be a shuttle reentry simulator? Or.. just a fun slide
This is the tube Suz was crossing
Suz did the slide again so I could take a picture. Wheee
Looking along Atlantis' left wing
These are the last wheels to touch down after turning to space. The nose gear wheels from STS-135
Max Faget's original model of a winged spacecraft
Looking back towards the leading edge of the wing
Suz takes the space toilet for a spin.. but not too much of a spin
An ISS bedroom. Not bad!
Looking up at the Atlantis heat shield
Suz looks so tiny!
Looking up at the crew cabin from below
It's a really fantastic exhibit
Trying out the landing simulator. It wasn't so great
Suz wasn't super impressed with the sims either
Whoops! Let's hope this doesn't happen in orbit
Looking up at the Hubble
The shuttle stack is so tall!
Suz had to touch the wet ball
Now here is a lineup I can get behind!
Dream Chaser again!
An old Falcon 9!
Gemini Titan!
Cool looking engines
Suz didn't want to spend two weeks in a Gemini capsule like Frank Borman and Jim Lovell
This bird is playing a dangerous game
Weird old rocket that I don't want to look up
Ha, they put a little railing around the F-1 engine since I was here last time
Suz, that is not how you sit in spaceships!
Much better
Looking down the Saturn IB, the Saturn V's little cousin
Suz on the actual Apollo gantry
The next surface Neil Armstrong walked on after this walkway was the lunar surface
Rocket garden!
Suz is having some trouble with the Mercury capsule
Suz and Soyuz!
A replica of the Mercury mission control
I believe this is Gordon Cooper's actual spacesuit
Looking into a Gemini capsule
I wonder if that exposed wiring was there during the flight
I'm not sure if this is a training suit or what but it is not the suit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon
Suz is ready for lunch
We had lunch with astronaut John Blaha! He flew on six shuttle missions and spent several months on Mir. He was also sort of crazy
Posing with John Blaha!
Another view of the rocket garden
This woman was taking photos with her laptop.... what.
Where could this be??
Suz insisted we check out the Angry Birds exhibit. Ughh.
What is with this entrance?? Are the angry birds trapped in somebody's butt??
Shooting angry birds!
Some sort of mirror maze that blasted air at us
Where can I get this LEGO set?
What planet did they send this guy to?
Oh god, don't look at me
I take a picture of this payphone every time I come here
These are some odd choices
Time for the close up tour!
Our awesome tourguide! ..I forget his name
Headed to the actual Kennedy Space Center and not the Visitor Complex
Launch Complex 40, home of SpaceX!
The VAB is massive, even from several miles away
I believe this is LC-41. If you look closely you can see what looks like an Atlas launch vehicle inside
One more look at LC-40, a little closer
Headed towards the VAB
The Launch Control Center!
Apparently the launch platform and servicing structure for SLS is already finished?
Driving along the Saturn Causeway
The last mobile launch platform to launch a shuttle, newly removed from LC-39A at SpaceX's request
This is a giant structure
The mobile launch platform on top of the crawler transporter
Let's head to Pad A!
Launch Complex 39A!
Circling around it counter-clockwise
Closeup of the rotating service structure
That is a lot of liquid hydrogen. I wonder if SpaceX can repurpose this for RP-1 or Methane?
I think this is LC-40
Continuing to circle 39A
A lot of history at this launchpad
Rennovations are already underway by SpaceX, who is now leasing the pad
You can see the SpaceX crew hard at work
The VAB and SLS tower loom in the distance
Suz hanging out with LC-39A
Me hanging out with LC-39A!
Lots of patches
Suz is ready to go
Let's head back to the tour bus
LC-39B in its new "clean pad" configuration
I always wondered if this giant ramp was solid concrete. Maybe someday I'll look it up..
The lightning rods are a lot bigger than they look
Flame deflectors! They look pretty beat up
If all goes according to plan, SLS will be rolling up this ramp in a few years for its first flight
Back at the mobile launch platform
Heading back to the VAB
The bus driver took this picture. It was his idea, I swear
But it was my idea to make Suz do it
They painted the ground to show how huge the stars and stripes on the side of the VAB are
Where the magic happens. The Vehicle Assembly Building
Giant NASA emblem!
Closeup of the giant flag. I may have gone overboard with the "clarity" filter here..
The bay doors are massive
It's such a huge building. It's sort of hard to convey
If they didn't control the atmosphere inside it would form clouds near the top and rain indoors!
Suz loves NASA
Me too
Suz demonstrates how large the stars are
The Orbiter Processing Facilities. No shuttles anymore. Boeing leased one of these for the CST-100 I believe
The Shuttle Landing Facility runway! Very cool but not very photogenic
Back to the Saturn V center!
I guided Suz into the room while she looked down at the ground then had her turn around when we arrived at the rear. Her reaction: "Holy shit!"
Looking up at the super powerful F-1 engines
Don't be on the wrong end of these engines
Looking up the first stage
Various newspapers reacting to the Apollo 11 landing
Five J-2 engines take over at the second stage
It's incredible that they did this without modern computers
The ugliest and most beautiful vehicle to ever fly: the lunar module
The hatch on the Apollo 14 command module Kitty Hawk
Looking down near the heat shield
Alan Shepard, Ed Mitchell, and Stu Roosa sat in those seats
Alan Shepard's actual suit that he wore on the moon
Apollo flight plans!
Out of focus near the top it says "Landing in Apollo is a crash!"
The top of the fuel tanks in the second stage
Another shot of the lunar module
A long J-2 engine does the work for the third stage
Suz touches a moon rock. She was disappointed it was smooth from so many people touching it
The flight suit that Jim Lovell wore during the Apollo 13 mission
Birds are weird
Inside a lunar module
Space Dots are too cold!
What a great day at the Kennedy Space Center
The moon! We went there!!
I'll be back soon!
How cool is that?
And there's the Max A. Brewer Memorial Parkway, the bridge James and I watched STS-134 and SpaceX COTS2 launch from!
You are viewing images from 06/09/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 190 pictures.
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