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Yaay, Waffle House
James gets so excited every time he thinks about Disney
So much Waffle House
Suz had issues with the sun visor
Apparently this is what Space Mountain is in? I had no idea
Monoraaaail, monoraaaail
Hey! It's the monorail!
Suz is SO ready for this
Bag check..
Oh my god it's like some kind of nightmare designed to drive me crazy
Hey it's that castle!
Oh no! Evil Emperor Zurg have imprisoned Suz and James
Something about this seagull seems off..
Ariel is so excited to see us
This fish is definitely stoned
Ahhh, Ursula is scary!
Ariel wasn't happy I was taking photos of her private moment
Ready for the waking nightmare that is It's A Small World
Creepy robotic children
Trippin... balls.
So many creepy robotic children
Uhh.. is this hippo OK?
Tunnel of madness
This guy was just spinning around in amazement
Forced perspective is neat
Selfies! Too bad we didn't think of it until after James left for work
Disney loves mangling real words. So here is Philharmagic
Obama in the Hall of Presidents!
Dole Whips! No wait, Pineapple floats. Whatever.
Hey it's James at work!
Ooo, monorail controsl
Suz got to sit in the seat but was told "DON'T TOUCH THE BUTTONS!" I was scared I'd touch a button
James can touch the buttons
James almost looks like a normal person with his piercings out and in his uniform
Oh nevermind
James doing his monorail thing
This time on Mission Space I was the engineer! Appropriate!
Suz loves space
Time for some nice Chinese food
Captain Eo was.... well... it happened
We're totally in the biodome
These giant things made me uncomfortable. How are they hanging there? What happens when they fall??
It's just like Jurassic Park! You go by real labs
That is a massive corn
Time to go into Spaceship Earth, narrated by Sigourney Weaver. Or so Suz would have us believe
Tripping balls.. again!
Disco science!
I was taking a picture of the camera that takes our picture for this
Goodbye Epcot!
Suz is cold. Or hot. Or hungry. Or any number of other status ailments that plagued her throughout the trip.
You are viewing images from 06/10/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 57 pictures.
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