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I was pretty lazy with my mailbox label
They should turn the rocks into manatees
Stickers everywhere!
At least they tried..
Just turn left at the shoes..
Typical street
So many flags!
Mission control?
This substation station looksl like it was made in Minecraft or something
Sky, rail, darkness
Elevated track supports
A convenient place to mount traffic lights
So much cheap garbage!
My buddy, the walking man
Looking up at the 7
I can't help but think of GTA4
I've ordered a lot of chicken from this place and never seen it!
Peeking into a bodega
Not too much traffic
This cone needs some help
Built to last
These sidewalk sheds are everywhere
What's inside?
Just walking along the 7
Nothing like a hot dog at sunset
It must be a hassle bringing all this stuff outside every day and then bringing it back in
The entrance to the 61st st station
Looking along the support structure
So much steel!
Standing around the platform
A convenient place to mount wires
The control tower for La Guardia
Looking into Manhattan
Not sure what this bridge is
The end of the platform
Looking down on the street
Coming in for a landing at La Guardia
I like the rails in this shot. New York at sunset is pretty
Leaving La Guardia. Much better than arriving.
Lookinga long the 61st st station
I see this "KLOPS" graffiti everywhere
Lookinga long the 7 line. With the compression from the telephoto the stations seem so close!
Looking down around my neighborhood
If I hit this curve I've gone too far
Big blocky buildings
My home station
Need some fruit?
My street looks a lot nicer when the trees aren't all dead
You are viewing images from 06/21/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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