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Ready to go?
'MURCA! Freedom! Yeah!!
The Orange Line feels so weird after living in NYC so long
This used to look complicated to me
Gotta get ready for walking!
Popular day to be out
Lots of people walking around the Boston Common
This lady was trying to line up people for an in-character tour
Hey cool dodecahedron
Let's get this started! Here's the trail!
I've already forgotten what all of these buildings are.. I need to caption my photos sooner
Religious people singing. Probably about Jesus
Would you like to buy some Jesus?
Hey it's the State Capitol. As seen in The Last of Us
The dome is solid gold. No, that would be too heavy
One more stop on the trail completed!
This is how you know it's legit
Hey we used to have these guys on in the background every morning
Neat looking building
There you go folks, the history of the Boston Common. I don't know how long this sign has been here..
Boston's version of those stupid open top tourist buses
Very very old graves
Dad looks around at the old graveyard
Some of these gravestones have been around since the 1600s. Some of these people fought in the Revolutionary War
Old gravestones used to be super thin
Despite what all the ignorant tourists who can't read were saying, this is the grave of Benjamin Franklin's parents, not the man himself.
People gathered around one of those funny in-character tour guides
Old timey graves are weird
Weird tour guides
Follow the trail. It's made it brick.. inside other brick
This was some super old church
Inside the super old church. It was kind of cool because instead of pews they had little cubicles with doors. I was a fan
Eventually I started taking photos of the signs explaining where we were so I didn't have to remember
A statue of Benjamin Franklin! Supposedly this is the oldest portrait statue in the United States
Old City Hall
Photos used to take a lot longer to make
Hi Ben
The "Old South Meeting House"
I thought it was funny that there was this super old building and right outside is a dude in a Skyrim t-shirt
Boston streets are weird
Hey! This is where my Mom worked for years! I don't think I've ever seen it up close
Tall building.
Not sure what building this is. I think there were maybe revolutionary meetings here?
This woman walked through the frame just as I took the shot but I like it. This is the site of the Boston Massacre and hundreds of years later we're just rolling babies through it.
Hey it's that clock tower from the news
Three buildings from different times
A wider angle of the previous shot
I believe this is the current city hall. It's made with "brutalist" architecture. Pretty cool
This lady had a nicer lens than me
Quincy Market or Faneuil Hall or.. something
Who needs real drums
Fruits and veggies!
Hey this is where Paul Revere lived!
At this point my Dad started commandeering the camera every once in a while
Who is that riding the horse? I bet it's Paul Revere
We stumbled across this small memorial to veterans from a much more recent war
Too many dog tags
Hey there's the Zakim Bridge
This building was one of the stops on the trail that I forgot to take a photo of, so I just turned around and lazily took one from far away
Another graveyard! They're everywhere!
Funny little bike taxi
Zakim! The largest asymmetrical suspension bridge in the world! Well, at one time. Who knows if it still is
This made me laugh.. The rest of the bridge is a grate you can see through to the water underneath
Lots of boats
The world's oldest boat still in active navy service: The U.S.S. Constitution!
Dad says "peace"
All these ropes seem so complicated
Lots of cannons
Coming around to the other side
The sides weren't really iron. They were oak or something
Walking along the deck
These stairs were pretty tricky
So many ropes
This life preserver is over 400 years old. No not really.
Hanging with the cannons
This reminded me of the payload bay doors on the space shuttle. Very similar purpose!
Listening to the history of the ship in one of the lower decks.
The ceilings were a bit low
Really old rifles!
Really old.. stuff?
There were a LOT of cannons. Technically they were "guns" since they're on a ship
This is where the sailors slept
Explaining the process of firing a cannon.
Well that was fun
Bye U.S.S. Constitution!
Funny Parappa graffiti
Hey that's Baltimore's thing!
Boston roads remain weird
The end of the trail, the Bunker Hill Monument!
Hey it's that blimp!
Close enough that you can't see the pointy top anymore
We officially made it!
And here's where we went! We did the entire trail! Most people give up and skip the last two since they're pretty far away. Not us!
A successful fun day in Boston
You are viewing images from 07/19/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 95 pictures.
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