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This nice old couple and I had a fun conversation on the way to Baltimore. I even did a trial run of my panel with them!
Alan tossed Topaz a cheese stick, which he of course missed, and it slid behind the 1000 pound chest. It took us a half hour to get it out
Topaz is officially Otakon staff! You can tell from the lanyard
Topaz was convinced he had a fever but it turns out he was just crazy
Waiting to get badges and such
This lady accused me of taking her photo and then when I said I didn't she insisted I did!
Vic was pretty proud of his optimal packing job. There was noooo room left in that van
Really, there was essentially no room left
Dave had to sit with his legs up the whole trip
This year's van art survived thanks to the lack of rain
Topaz is a super serious staffer
Vic looks sketchy as hell
Everyone stuff in the elevator!
Once again Dave is crushed by A/V gear
Onto the kinetic-friction-carpet of doom!
Vic is dual wielding projectors
Wow!! Otakon gave us a pretty huge room for our first year!
Registration.. little did they know the nightmare that would follow as their computer system had trouble all weekend long
First cosplay photo of the year!
This plug in our room scared the hell out of me
Back to the van to grab more gear
It's so strange when it's empty!
Video 1 looks strange without the curtains up
Little dog!
Taking precise measurements on the projector for optimal viewing
Got to make the legs the exact right length
We spend a lot of tape in an attempt to keep attendees away from our expensive and fragile projector
For real, don't touch our projector
Lots of cable to lay
Luckily Topaz actually knows how to run cables
Amanda takes one for the team and crawls under the stage to help lay the cable
Don't step on our cables!! We have to make this a little extreme so it's visible in the dark. Also Erika is new on staff!
We tried to do this in Video 1 on the giant screen but it didn't work out. Happy birthday to Mel from the first ever Otakon AMV Theater!
Dave looks so startled
Brakus also joined us on staff this year!
Checking the image from the Iron Editor machines
Dave gives a mini-lesson on how the server works, before Vic's official lesson
I thought the reg line looked bad.. little did I know how crazy it would get
Meanwhile, in Pub Ops..
This year's program guide had a great cover!
And here's my article! The Publications people did a great job with the presentation. They even used a couple of my photos!
Vic teaches all the newbies (Katie is new too!) how to use the server
This dog seemed stressed out
Hey there's that sign I take a photo of every year
"Hey Omar, how's Pub Ops?"
More accurate
The registration line grows..
This water cooler made me laugh. Why is it so far away?
This water cooler looks like a robot carrying water
The very moment Omar injured his leg doing an Irish jig. More blood than you would think..
After a long day working in the BCC we dive into our traditional Dominos dinner like animals
Friday morning! The con is getting started! Sucks to be trapped in the reg line
Registration worked hard but made some poor system architecture decisions that hamstrung them for the entire weekend, leading to excruciatingly long lines
Spyro the Dragon!
Whoa, impressive Blastoise
Hexadecimal! Rare to see a cosplay from ReBoot
I don't know this character but given the 3d gear I assume they're from Attack on Titan
Whoops, the elevator photobombed this shot of me and dave
The registration line is really getting insane now
This poor gofer
Cosplayers from Brave!
This is one of my favorite cosplays in years. Very clever!
I'm pretty sure I saw that guy on the right last year. Still great costumes!
This really made me laugh
Amazing (and terrifying) Songbird cosplay!
A whole gaggle of Attack on Titan folks!
This guy... has an amazing costume. Well done! Note the DLC in the red circle
Princess Peach. A classic!
This Optimus Prime cosplay looked complicated
This poor Asuna cosplayer spent two minutes struggling to get her breastplate to stay on before giving up and posing for the shot. Still a great costume!
Bob's Burgers!
This uh.. looks optimal.
This Little Sister was scary
These two have a piece of the living breathing mountain the Agro Crag!! D-d-d-do you have it? GUTS!
Ahh, I miss Chef
This Ravio cosplayer was especially awesome since I beat A Link Between Worlds only a few days before arriving at Otakon
Don't touch his rupee bag
So many Zeldas! And a Hilda!
Chii! Old school
Very cool Commander Shepard. That costume looks like it took a while..
Pirates of Chesapeake Bay?
*GASP!* Doodlebob!
Ahhh, my favorite. The view from the back of Video 1 during the AMV Contest. Beautiful
People wandering around outside Video 1
Wow! A cosplayer from On Your Mark! I'm not sure I've ever seen one before. On You Mark is a somewhat obscure short music video animated by Studio Ghibli.
Smash! Who's in the box?
Lego guy!
Nerds of a different sort!
Topaz took a few photos of me during my space panel
I like the preview monitors in this shot
I got a much bigger audience than I expected
I didn't really have time to be nervous because I was busy all day and just launched right into it
Here I'm talking about the various stages of the Saturn V rocket
The talk was a lot of fun and a guy from NASA came up after to tell me I did a good job! Very cool!
Brian introduces the premiere of AMV Hell 7
On our way downstairs for the Saturday AMV Contest
Saturday.. getting pretty tired
Maybe not Dave
After a brief nap on Saturday night I head back out for a little more fun in my snazzy new hoodie
Cosplayers don't sleep
Topaz got stuck on "door ops" for hours. Keeping the lines in.. line.
This sign was outside our room for much of the weekend. Which is awesome but also unfortunate for the attendees.
The room got pretttty packed
We shared our usual AMV Ops room with some other department this year
Erika's awesome Ezio cosplay!
Very impressive
What kind of videos do we play at 1am in the AMV Theater? ..don't worry about it
OK. We're officially tired now. Photo timestamp: 2:22am
This guy spent much of the weekend working on an enormous chalk version of the program guide cover
Josh came to help his friends in the Dealer's Room!
So did Goran!
Neat Twilight Sparkle cosplay
Great costumes, and a solid party in the game!
I'm not sure.. what this is all about
Heading outside for the first time in a while
Ice Cold Water Man! I'm not actually hoverhanding him, my arm is going across his sweaty sweaty shoulder
Conrad, the guy from NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center!! He threw up the peace sign first so I did and then he put it down before the photo!
Tearing down the screen in Video 1
It's a big screen
This is the camera that Vic barely got to use this weekend
Goodbye attendees! See you next year!
We took a time lapse of AMV Theater teardown and when we were done we slowly approached the camera..
Amanda really classed up this photo
The Otakon AMV Department, folks
Be afraid
Be very afraid
Let's go to the Dead Dog
Apparently goofy face time is not over
Just look at Vic!
This photo is already hilarious... and then you see Amanda's face
I jumped too.. by myself :(
This year they rounded up a bunch of food trucks and gave us a few vouchers. Not a bad idea!
Which food truck to pillage..
Finally getting a meal ticket out of Otakon. The aspect ratio on the fan logo made Omar twitch
It's time for stories of conventions past
Crabbie! Or Harold! Whatever!
Story time with Alan
Everybody sign the awesome banner art!
Dave demonstrates his revolving door technique from Anime Boston 2005
The last breakfast?
This place was great. They made me sandwiches in a bowl
Aaaand the van's battery is dead
Luckily Omar had jumper cables
It took us a while to figure out how to do it...
Bye Omar!
Amanda got me a very cool yellow Tachikoma in this year's $20 game
Showing off my awesome new Otakon hoodie
Check out that artwork!
Space wings!
Topaz tries to figure out my giant phone
I love the art on my Otakon long sleeved tee
Topaz didn't like the long sleeves
Bye Topaz!
You are viewing images from 08/10/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 155 pictures.
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