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Christina followed me to NYC so she was kind enough to give me a ride to Ithaca!
Obligatory rest stop photo
We're doin' it!
Fire, folding chairs, car parked 15 feet away. We're officially camping
Big Foot Steve takes out the trash
Dustin is having flashbacks to last year's camping trip
Our camp site must have been very attractive to any small animals in the area
My sad little tent
The propeller on the boat we rented. Just in case we damage it..
The gang waits for us to get the boat ready
Matt is all about boating safety
Are we in the lake yet?
Marlee and Sara are totally ready for boating
I was elected boat captain since I was the only one who wasn't drinking
Matt knows a camera when he sees one
Everyone kept telling me to tell people back home that I spent the weekend driving a Bentley. It's true!
Time to get the tubes inflated
The gang got me a captain's hat but it didn't fit me so they took turns wearing it
Phil has a pumpkin themed t-shirt
Silly Sara. There are no buffalos here.
Almost inflated!
Steve gets started on his
Dustin gets to work on his tube
Are their brains connected by that strand of hair?
Christina and Megan strike a pose
I think Phil's ready
Get in the water!
Inner tubes are funny
Dustin kept trying to use the pump to inflate his tube.. without much success
First in the water!
Isn't this fun?
Matt really committed to his jump
"We're doin' it!"
Phil seems unsure
Hi Megan
Christina contemplates windblown hair
Having fun in the back of the boat?
Phil had some really weird swimming faces
Steve enjoys a relaxing day on the water with his sandwiches
Dustin is a master knotsman
Get on that tube!
Phil's sick of the water.. for now
We have a really ridiculous inner tube to person ratio
Dustin holds onto his little string for dear life
MORE inner tubes??
Christina and Megan are the keeper of the Cheez-its
"What'cha got there, a camera?"
Dustin successfully escapes the lake
Boats are funny
Whyyyy is this happening
Phil knows how to pose for a photo
Steve is having fun
Dustin forgot he was wearing the captain hat
Christina's turn in the lake!
Phil is the captain of his own mini-ship the U.S.S. Phil-Needs-To-Smoke. That makes me an Admiral!
Matt attempted to flip off the boat but slipped.
Steve looks pretty stoned. He's not.
Megan's not so sure
Christina's having fun in the lake
I think those are Phil's feet?
Good time for a nap
The back of the boat was the relaxation zone
Steve finally jumps in the lake
Steve and Megan are tube-wranglers
Phil gets his hood on
Megan thought the lake was a lot colder than she was led to believe
Steve let a tube ago and Megan made a valiant effort to rescue it
Matt was the only swimmer strong enough to actually get the runaway tube
Yaay, Matt!
Good try Megan. Steve just shouted "I'm bad at swimming!"
Dustin does his thing
Yes, Matt is wearing a hoodie as pants. It was a little chilly
Phil thinks deep thoughts
Ahhhh, good times.
Dustin enters the relaxation zone
Matt uh.. oh god.
Me and my vessel
This is me pretending to drive the boat
Phil is ready for more
I spent a bunch of the weekend reading The Fundamentals of Astrodynamics. Like y'do
Ah yes. Camping.
The disco ball is traditional.
Matt kept running off with my camera, which was convenient for me because I'm actually in some of these shots!
Waiting for dinner in downtown Ithaca
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic Megan face
The disco ball looked lovely in the twilight
Dustin is really ready for breakfast
Matt removed an extra log in a super safe manner
Pancakes on an open flame!
Megan is ready for breakfast
Mmmm, bacon
I'm not sure what Dustin's doing here
Neither is Phil
Sideways pancake?
Ready for breakfast, Steve?
Matt thinks deep deep thoughts
Morning in the woods
I love the disco ball in the background
Hi Megan! How's breakfast?
What's even going on here?
Christina did a great job with breakfast!
This is definitely full of water
It's important to do your makeup before hitting the swimming hole
Matt and Phil seem confused
Better just take a nap
Dustin revisits the site of his almost-death from last year. This time he wisely stayed away from the edge
Steve heads down to the upper pool
Is it safe?
Matt climbed up the waterfall the hard way
Here he comes
Matt actually looks like he knows what he's doing
Dustin's turn as photographer
Here's that building again that looks like something out of The Last of Us
We all decided the upper pool was too dangerous this year
Better head to the lower pool
And here we are!
Marlee and Matt found a cave!
Matt's ready for his leap of faith
Ahh, it's so high!
I nearly slipped and fell in the water to get this shot
Christina is filming a shampoo commercial
Matt commandeers the camera for a few group photos
Marlee's shampoo commercial
Haha, good job, Matt
Dustin wanted a shot with Marlee
Bye Marlee and Sara! Have a safe drive back to Buffalo!
Dustin and Phil's yearbook photo
Dustin's heading to the top. No, not really.
Steve and Megan did not shoot a shampoo commercial
Meanwhile, I was doing math. I swear I was having fun!
A math POV shot
Looking around for rocks to skip
Here we go
Phil and I had a rock skipping competition and nearly killed a duck by accident
Big cliff
Phil and Steve relax for a moment
You get it???? YOU GET IT??
Matt does a shift as chef
Smoke is the worst
Phil looks disheveled
Dustin helps with the sausage cooking apparatus
Matt's going to show us how to chew Big League Chew bubble gum
Uhh.. not like this
Dustin loves gum
I forget what's even going on here
Time to head to the Ithaca Beer Company brewery again!
To the place with the beer!
Don't forget Phil!
Lots of beer and burgers
Mmm.. fire.
Camping at night!
I guess that's it then, huh?
Bye Phil and Matt!
Taking down the tent
Dustin emerges from his tent of luxury
The traditional tea sacrifice
It's so empty!
But now we have diner food
That is an absurd slab of sausage
I miss pancakes
Steve doesn't understand glass
Bye Buffalo people!
What a helpful map
The George Washington bridge!
Back in New York.
Ugh. Welcome back to NYC. *pollution belch*
You are viewing images from 08/17/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 172 pictures.
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