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Mom's really excited to see me
Hi Mom!
Let's go get breakfast!
I imagine some sort of threat is being made here involving my camera and some broken bones
Mom's having fun
Walking through a sketchy-ass part of Queens
Hmm.. I think I detect some subtle chromatic aberration
This guy looks bored by the weird lobby of the Museum of the Moving Image
Old film reels about the world fair
Just try and stop me
Let's look at some old scripts and stuff
Hmm.. these appear to be some old scripts and stuff
Pictorial Center?
Photos of photos being photographed!
Mom continues to have fun
Say cheese!
Hey a photo of Hattie McDaniels from Gone with the wind, Aunt Teresa's favorite movie!
There was a cool video full of clips of famous movies
Ooo, Seinfeld stuff!
An original script written by Larry David!
The Seinfeld script as read by the actors
An original Cosby sweater!
I'm pretty sure this is a replica of Nugget's childhood bedroom
More weird Star Wars toys
Whoa, a Magnavox Odyssey! The world's first home gaming console
A replica of Ralph Baer's "Brown Box" which eventually became the Magnavox Odyssey
Some notes on those consoles
Whoa, I've never heard of this game but it looks pretty intense
An original Pong cabinet!
Hey they even had some Nintendo and Atari stuff. Too bad the buttons were stuck on the NES controller..
I lost several quarters to Donkey Kong
This was a very cool and unexpected section of the museum
The Oculus Rift of its day?
Let's make stop motion movies!
Fun, but tedious
When the video started recording to make a flipbook I just shoved Mom off the screen
Whoa.. cameras have gotten a lot smaller
Editing has also gotten a lot easier
Ooo, an original miniature from Blade Runner
Old school cathode ray tubes
Various old projectors
A beta max player!
Mom and Aunt Teresa said they actually had that tv in the house as kids
I feel like I'm in Mirror's Edge..
The popular place to get rid of your museum entrance sticker
I walked down to Flushing to meet up with Mom and Aunt Teresa
There's that giant globe!
Hey I know that lady!
Aunt Teresa looks a bit frazzled
Vacation photo!
Well, they left her behind when she was a kid, but Aunt Teresa is finally at the World Fair! Just a few decades late.
You made it!
You can tell how much fun she's having
US Open!
Aunt Teresa wants to go to sleep now.
You are viewing images from 08/31/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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