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We're in New York City?
Hey cool, nice tower
I guess this is the place
Nice path
This place is really weird when you're reading Anathem
Leaves, shade, curvy paths..
Getting closer to the main building
Lots of nice paths
It's all medieval and stuff
Looking up at the tower
Neat windows. I really like these sort of outside, sort of inside spaces
Looking back down the curvy path
Steve and Megan!
Big dome
All the doorways here are enormous
Vaulted ceilings are cool
Whoa. This room is intense
Let's take a picture!
This door looks so small compared to the other ones
This room feels so empty
This place is like a Math from Anathem.. but for Jesus instead of math.
I don't know how they transferred this fresco to canvas, but this is from the early 1100s. Really old!
More really old frescos
Cool door!
Really old columns!
Another awesome inside/outside space. I need a house like this
I guess this is to let in natural light?
Looking in on the.. square? Courtyard?
Really old column tops
These look like they took a long time to make
So detailed!
Hi there
This room is less empty
These chairs don't look comfortable
Religion is silly, but this place is pretty awesome
This place was pretty dark. Such deep windows!
Comfy corner?
More vaulted ceilings
The biggest of the doors. Made in the 1200s!
Old door
More detailed column toppers
Another courtyard area
Lots of great architecture
Hey it's that tower
Internal windows
Stained glass always looks cool
Check out that ceiling
All these tapestries are like 600 years old. It's crazy
This thing is older than the United States! By a lot!
More tapestries
Let's go kill stuff!
This is an intense fireplace
Hey, leave that unicorn alone!
What is this, an altar?
Hey buddy
Whoa. Big eagle thing
What's in that box?
I wonder how long it took to make this
This giant book makes me think of that giant history book in Gummi Bears
Closeup on the tapestry
More super old art
This place is all about arches and columns
This place is pretty cool!
You are viewing images from 10/25/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 65 pictures.
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