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Eiwe just wears this every day to keep people from bugging him with DEVOP tickets
Artie is.. a Chicago hippie? Or something?
Even babies have costumes
Man, you have been working out
James is everyone at tech conferences
Madness in the board room
All the officers were connected by video streams
So many costumes!
Costumes everywhere!
Lots of team themes
Good ol' Team Care Bear. Lock your computers!
Dave plays it cool
Henry is boring
Look out, Eiwe! The tickets will get you!
James should borrow Artie's laptop
Top Gun!
Oh god, he's coming right at me
More Care Bears!
This baby spotted me
This dog did not
Does the coolness of the backwards hat cancel out the lameness of the care bear costume?
Oh god, I can't look at Nate. He's a walking spoiler
Meanwhile, back in the boardroom
Was this costume officially licensed by Disney?
More costumes!
Two ewes. Get it?
Team judgement?
Ned loves magnets
Hi Lee
Fahran is the office pool.. or something.
Hi Kailey
Holy shit!!
This is the most insane costume I have ever seen and I go to a lot of anime conventions
Photos do not do justice to how huge Michael was
I tried to get pictures of him standing next to normal people to give you an idea
Assembling for a team photo with the new team
Like my Shitty Bane costume? Not a shitty Bane costume. Shitty Bane, Tony's character
Michael continues to freak me out
Nate's not scared
Meanwhile... oh my god!! It's an Oculus Rift Devkit 2!
Right here! In front of me!
Our latest piece of hardware.. and I get to play with it!
The tracking camera
Watching for results of the costume contest
You are viewing images from 10/31/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 49 pictures.
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