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Tony sets up a creepy creepy snack table
I blame Shayna too
Hey guys!
Sweatshirt attack! Run, Shayna!
Futurama is funny
Bryce is concentrating on his Final Fantasy rhythm game
Bender is everywhere
Blehh.. creepy table
Whoa, Bryce is a wizard. No wait, it's just a long exposure of his phone.
Spraying Brett's stupid head orange
Also black stripes. He's a Minion!
Bryce just busted out the ol' bacon costume again
Finally he looks like his Mii!
Tony's friend Jake really ties the room together
Tony and Shayna? I don't know them. Just Gomez and Morticia
Ahhh yes. Rippoween alcohol syringes. A classic
This is what Rippoween is allll about
Bryce's girlfriend Annalise is here representing the Star Fleet
Brett is hoping that liver transplant comes through soon
Whoa, party in the kitchen
Mmm, Tony pizza
This guy wasn't really an FBI agent, he just plays one at parties
I borrowed a really camera flash for the rest of the night.. as you may be able to tell
Sorry James, you'll always be "Derpy James" to me
Brett really committed to his costume
The windowsill club
Chewy and Han? Hanette? Meg was kind enough to let me borrow her camera flash
Jim didn't like me taking his picture but I think it came out nice!
Steph is here! If I recall correctly she is "Steampunk Cinderella"
Don't crush my head, Kirsten!
Brett demonstrates how to look terrible in a photo
Shayna tops off the snack table
I think Jake wants to go bowling
Derpy? Bob? James? You be the judge!
Funny things make Tony laugh
Whoa. Hi Shayna
They frown on this in Bryce's lab
Pizza coming through!
Steph is on to me
Gotta cut the pizza
Mmm, pizza squares
Chewy got a really intense haircut
Pumpkin Pi! Get it??
Hi Brett
It's tough to get candids of Steph. The giant flash on the camera doesn't help its stealth properties
Don't mess with Emily. She has a home-made super-taser in her trunk
Liz kept trying to issue decrees but we are not candy
FBI guy is amazed by Tony's pizza technique
I mean, who wouldn't be
The kitchen party is intense
Photobomb Minion Brett
Tony and Shayna are great party hosts
This guy, not so much
Forbidden cupcakes
Liz's pink face kept freaking me out
Gathering around the looping "spooky scary skeleton" video
It's a one minute video on loop.. that we watched for over 45 minutes
What's up, Brett?
Yes, the video is still playing
Mmm, pizza and guns
Bryce isn't really bacon. He just plays one at parties
Drinking may lead to snark-face
Take Annalise to your leader
Annalise still doesn't quite have the hang of the Vulcan greeting
Planning? Dancing?
I'm alarmed how well the mustache works for Tony. I don't want to encourage him
Party cop
Oh no, Shitty Bane!
Steph knows how to strike a pose
The photobomber becomes the photobombee!
Great costumes, guys
Dance, Shayna, dance!
Steph made her dress herself!
"Ah haaa"
"No pictures!"
OK maybe just one
It's time to scan Brett so we can illegally pirate him online
Bryce tries the typewriter
Meg is dancing now!
Everyone is dancing!
Dancing is fun
Liz just looks like she's shouting too loud and has gone red in the face
Calm down!!
This is what happens when you give drunk people a video camera
"You know what I'm sayin'?"
Science-Tony prepares another subject
Now stay still...
Liz adds to Tony's strange wallpaper
Don't startle Tony
What is even going on here?
Whoa. Scary print
Liz suffers for her art
Ahh!! Shayna!
The confessional station
Some sort of fortune telling was happening in the living room.. but I didn't get a picture of the cards
Brett plays a dangerous game..
..and loses
Hey, where did Tony's mustache go?
Who scratched Steph?
Bryce concentrates on Magic
Mmm.. land is good
Goodnight from the Star Wars contingent
Steph tries to figure out her next move
Meg too
Bryce tricked us all into not killing him early and got us in the end
Brett isn't happy that I'm documenting his slobbishness
Steph isn't impressed with Brett's Magic advice
He knows what he's talking about, Steph!
She lost anyway..
But that's OK!
Because Magic is fun!
Having a fun night?
Hey it's that guy I am!
Bryce wins again
"Howww did I lose?"
"Cause ya stink"
Tony wonders what all these people are doing in his basement
"Magic, you say.."
Parties are fun
Oh god. I can tell I drank too much when I start finding photos of myself
Leaves are pretty
Going back to New York!
You are viewing images from 11/09/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 124 pictures.
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