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Hi there
Coffee! Got to stay alert when riding horses
Suz has a really intense stink-face when she wants to
Let's go ride horses
Neat silo
Janet, the instructor, rides the big horse
Suz is excited
Suz's horse is Buzz! He's much bigger than my Buzz
His next door neighbor is Woody. Get it?
Horse neighbors! ...neeeighbors.
Helen is up first
Helen is having fun
Goddamn, I love autumn
Horses are pretty photogenic
Xarissa's horse has a weird mask
Suz waits for her turn
Xarissa's horse is named Snapple
I've learned that people riding horses make weird faces because they have to concentrate. Don't judge them, it's hard!
Round and round they go
Leaves are pretty, you guys
A wider view of the horse.. circle.. area.
Galloping? Trotting? Cantering? Some sort of slightly faster horse movement.
Don't fall off!
Ahhh, this looks hard
Suz is cold. Or maybe warm. Suz is something.
Helen is careful to look straight ahead to stay stable
Janet calls out instructions to Helen and Xarissa
Listen carefully
I'm impressed the horse pulls his legs up properly. I guess I'm easily impressed
This horse is warm. And lonely.
Lift those knees!
Suz is ready!
Suz and Buzz are buddies. Probably because they both have so many Zs in their names
Buzz thinks that joke was lame
Insert "Suz is short" joke here
Out to the ring
Hi Suz!
Helen and April strike a pose
Snapple, Xarissa, April, and Helen. Fun times in the leaves!
Time to bring the horses back
Good ride!
Meanwhile, Suz is just getting started
Snazzy helmet
Got to concentrate on form
Getting tips from Janet
Around the corner..
Over obstacles!
Coming up on the obstacles
Janet knows what she's talking about
Horse and leaves!
Suz is having fun
Wheee, horses!
Check out Suz's fancy Elsa gloves
Going around for another lap
What's that face supposed to be?
Buzz kept looking at me. I was distracting him
All done
Buzz kept eating leaves like a doofus
No more leaves for you, back to the stable
Back in Buzz's room
You are viewing images from 11/16/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 64 pictures.
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