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Suz was freaked out when I told her how the pendulum clock worked
Ready for SCIENCE??
Not even coins can escape a black hole
"Is your hair blue?"
MoS lobby
Steph loves science
That blur in the middle is a coin
Beany's here!
Beany seems unsure of the science
The Mercury capsules were absurdly small
Cool scale models of various space stations
Mir looks so small compared to the Shuttle and ISS!
I.. want to take these.
Beany is floating in space
Suz loves spaceships but hates that this photo is blurry
Even T-rexes get cold
Sadly this is the only face Suz can make
Giant Van de Graaff generator!!
Ooo, Tesla coil
The Van de Graaff generator at the Museum of Science looks so cool
I kept trying to get a good photo of this tornado but annoying little kids kept sticking their hands in it!
Steph gets quizzed on weather
See?? Damn kids!!
Push the button!
The magic flying disc
Another view of the imposing Van de Graaff generator
I'm scared
The guy doing the electricity presentation was great
Lighting a fluorescent bulb at a distance! Magic!
The big Tesla coils were loud
Zap zap zap
This is how scientists were created
And the grand finale!
Brett doesn't know anything about dinosaurs
Amber! It's perfect for my cane
My phone is better
Steph can pretend she is tall
A cool mockup of the interior of the LM
It's crazy to think this thing could fly. I mean.. I'm sure the wings helped.
That doesn't look right..
Jet engine!
A wider shot of the rotary engine
So many compressor blades
Steph, you got so small!
Such concentration
The dot in the center is from Caesar's time
I'm always scared a ball will fall out of this..
Beep boop boop beep
We all paid five bucks for this stupid simulator ride
"You taking a picture of me eating?"
Minecraft has come a long way
Electricity, eeee-lectricity
Beany, I know you're upset but it's time to go home
Penny execution
Oh noooooo
Everyone say RAWWWRRR
You are viewing images from 11/29/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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