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It's important to look good on Christmas
Mom's sentries
Mmm, bacon
Pretty pretty tree
Mom's got the most important gift: the gift of caffeine
Becky got Mom a frame with photos of her trip to Australia!
Becky reacted to the first gift I got her exactly as I suspected she would
It's because I got her a DVD of The Mothman Prophecies, a vaguely scary movie that she hated as a kid
Real Ugg boots from Australia!
And they're in a rare color
I somehow accidentally did a weird forced perspective shot here and made Becky look like she's nine feet tall
What's next?
We had so much fun last year I had to get it for her. I just made her promise not to play it with me anymore because that was toooo weird
Oh man. This is a book that will give me some bad ideas
Another interesting book! Time to learn way too much about everybody's favorite interplanetary military branch
Becky loves her new boots
Since stupid Apple changed their stupid connector I got Becky a new iHome so she can wake up to music!
Like my bow strategy?
Okayy... probably not toilet paper. Look in the center!
It's a space shuttle charm for her charm bracelet! She really liked it so I guess I did good this year
Macaroni is on the prowl for paper.. and he doesn't have to look far
Becky got me the new Smash Bros game! Perfect for humiliating Bryce in online play
Macaroni doesn't understand Christmas but he likes it
Who wants more presents?
Who's next?
I got a crazy robot arm that I have to build myself! I can't wait to confuse the cats with this one
Becky is into her new bathrobe
Mom's house is always cold so I got her a snuggie. Hello Kitty seemed like a good theme
Ooo, some art from Australia for my apartment!
Macaroni is waiting for his chance to really dig into the paper
A Red Bull Racing hat to go with my Red Bull Racing hoodie!
Becky's got a snazzy new watch
And I've got fancy new pans!
Becky does the "new purse thing" dance
Their handwriting is a lot better than you would expect
I swear Red Bull isn't paying me
I'm not sure what this is but Mom seems happy with it
Macaroni has sunk to a new low
Mmm, poached eggs on english muffins
Meanwhile, I augment my Christmas breakfast with.. madness
Australia lurks in the distance..
Yaaay, Christmas breakfast!
Gragra looks so startled for her photo
Let's try that again. This time I'll flub the shot.
Gragra was amazed by the "how to do stuff" book
Thanks for taking this family photo, Nick!
Gragra is happy to see everyone
Yaay, Auntie hugs
What is that, earrings? I'm going to go with earrings
Becky passes out gifts
Gragra was taking so long to open my gift that I had time to come over and take a picture
Large print crosswords! Hopefully a little easier on the eyes
So many wine icicle things
Nick really likes his new coat
Christmas fun times
Aunt Teresa liked the stupid robot Christmas tree I got her. It's hilarious and as a bonus it drives Greg and Uncle Chris crazy
What's in here?
Hmmm.. foreshadowing?
A space shuttle night light! With the light turned on it sort of looks like it's going through reentry
Ahh, Christmas.
I managed to capture Becky's face the very moment she realized that Gragra's gift this year was a little more than the usual cash in the card
Christmas dinner!
Becky's popper had an annoying whistle in it. Yaaay
Mom will hate this photo but I like it
With this crown, Nick reminds me of that guy in Archie comics
Becky does not
Paper crowns are funny
Right, Gragra?
Becky demonstrates her annoying new whistle..
..and threats were made..
Roast Beef!
"Oh they have phones that flip now?"
I got Dad the second season to The Wire. Hopefully the subtitles work..
What does Becky have?
You can't hide from the camera
A big box of beef jerky!
Becky says it's good
Dad got me some great waterproof boots! This should make winter in the city a lot nicer
Becky demonstrates her new rainproof jacket
She'll never be cold again!
Dad gets an A for effort... he got a warning dialogue on his computer and drew the entire thing for me to diagnose!!
You are viewing images from 12/26/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 83 pictures.
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