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A bag from Hunt's? How interesting!
OK, a high speed 32gb SD card, sure.. some microfiber, ok.. and... a Canon EOS 70D!
Gotta have a good card if you're going to be taking a lot of photos
And I guess you can never have enough microfiber
Time for a good old fashioned unboxing ritual
The picture on the box shows a lens but I just got the body
More of the box..
Yep. It's the box. Read it if you like.
The box is open! And no facehuggers inside, so this is going alright so far.
Removing all the warranty cards and software and nonsense..
What do we have here.. a mini-USB cable, neck strap, battery charger, and battery
Now we're getting somewhere. Still hibernating somewhere in this bubbly cocoon is my new DSLR camera
Inside the bubbles was some fuzzles
There she is
Articulated screen, locking mode selector, multi-function dial, on-body LCD info screen, dual microphone..
This should do just fine
No lens, but that's fine. My lenses will be right at home there
Look at that articulating screen.. articulate
The first official photo on the 70D!
Hi Dad
Ah that's lovely
Let's go to Mom's house
Bye Dad! See you in a couple of days!
Isabelle was not that impressed with the new camera
See? Not impressed at all
Mom was excited but also wished she was only the only subject I had for the afternoon
Except.. pretty boy
Let's document Mom throwing out garbage
"Why aren't you helping meeee?"
Hi Mom!
Say cheese for the new camera!
Macaroni wonders what happened to all that wrapping paper
It's gone, Macaroni. You have to wait until next year.
"Having fun?"
The nutcrackers... they're everywhere..
"This is my internet face". This is a good time to point out that a lot of the stuff I write "in quote marks" is made up..
I kept demonstrating how fast the new camera could take photos by taking an unreasonable amount of photos
Isabelle has a stinkface as usual
Let's take a moment to honor the old camera, the Canon EOS 450D, aka EOS Rebel XSi.
It's been in service since August 12, 2010 (1,598 days ago) and has delivered over 13,186 photos to the website (and countless more that didn't make the cut). It's not being retired, but it's definitely the #2 driver now. Thanks, Rebel.
Macaroni is unsure how to feel about all of this
Better just retreat into the Christmas pile
Isabelle, should you be on the table?
Or the couch?
Macaroni can't get any peace
Neither can Mom
"What have you brought me?"
Isabelle has a tiny head compared to the rest of her body
Isabelle has a new habit of sitting right next to Mom and getting annoyed if there isn't any space
So creepy..
Let's go shopping!
Creepy "street photography" of strangers!
Can you blame me? The 70D has a much quieter shutter and I wanted to play with it!
L. Ron Hubbard wrote these??
Let's get some domestic rugs!
Or mothballs. Whatever.
You are viewing images from 12/27/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 57 pictures.
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