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The confessionals from Rippoween were pretty great
Tony has an electronic PIPE. That's pretty ridciulous
We found a Suz!
I think she's just glad to be out of the cold
Things are funny
Suz attempts to make her head explode
Tony gets what you're saying
Hey, hands to yourself
I found some of Tony's bills stuck to the wall
I like to imagine Tony smokes his e-pipe while using his typewriter
Hi Shayna!
What's going on in this room?
Shayna seems unsure of the dumb games we're playing
What is Tony explaining?
Suz does her Ricciardo impression
Time for some Settlers.. in person!
Suz made a mansion.. or.. house pile
Oh man, pizza
Let's consult the rules
We had to call Charlie for an explanation of the rules
That goddamn bandit
Suz's hair has escaped
You can't tell Tony what to do
Shayna cleverly sat next to me, making it harder for me to take her picture
The moment I signed up for Snapchat. I don't get it.
I can always tell when I had too much to drink when I find a bunch of photos of whatever I was drinking
Moving on.. Cards Against Humanity!
Mmm, bacon
And eggs!
"Why would you take a photo of me right now"
Mmmm, espresso
Whoa. Tony is intensity
This dog is not
Who wants to go for a ride?
I somehow never noticed that That's Entertainment is on Lois Lane
Ahh, here we are
Whoa. So many figures, so few faces
So many comics!
And also T-shirts!
I don't really read comics, but I can appreciate how awesome this collection must be
Tony poking around
Whoa. Hi Suz
Neat hats
Mmm, N64 games
Suz checks out the board games
Meanwhile, Tony looks through the books
You know, I'm not totally sure I've ever actually bought a comic from this place. Maybe Watchmen?
Hi there!
Now I want the bucket
This guy was looking through old sports stuff
So much stuff
What do you think, Suz?
I know, I know. I've taken this shot before. But it's a cool view.
There's just so many books!
And records, even
Don't tell me how to live!
NES carts
Whoa! Hi Gollum..
Suz found her twin
Tony calls Shayna to inform her he found a cool poker table
Hey.. that's not an eye..
Tony got the table!
That'll fit, right?
You are viewing images from 12/28/14 in the main gallery. This set contains 68 pictures.
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