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Neil wonders why I keep coming home for like 8 hours before leaving again
Bryce's celeb look
Hi Sue!
Little Bear!
Bryce with his snazzy new laptop
Little Bear feels bad about.. something
Little Bear is a little stronger than Neil or Buzz
Let's play some 3DS!
What's up on the internet, Bryce?
Poor Little Bear has to wear the funny cone
Also this collar
You're free!
What's up, Little Bear?
Dogs are funny
So much One Piece!
The cone of being bummed out
She just kept staring at Bryce
I'm sorry Little Bear, it's pretty funny
Inspecting the ol' Pokemon
Oh god, Trixie. What have they done to you?
Driving in style
An actual Mario Kart!
Bryce is out for blood... and video games
I'm using tilt controls!
It's cool seeing a modern store that carries this kind of stuff
This place looks a little too sterile. Needs a little more That's Entertainment in it
Neat little game museum
This statue is creepy as hell. Also, how depressing is it that this sign is necessary
Who is this sketchy figure? What's he doing? Flying secret drones over classified areas?
Nope. It's just Bryce flying my new quadcopter into a tree
Time to get the UAVED, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Extraction Device. Aka broom.
Got it!
You win this round, quadcopter
Hi Vic!
I like to think Vic always carries a roll of HDMI cable with him just in case
Mount Your Friends remains a hilarious game
Hi Amanda!
Mmm, soft pretzels are awesome, especially when I'm on a keto-break
Vic loves carbs
Bryce making burgers! Sadly not his typical spherical style
Bryce is a master cook
Vic tries to console Little Bear, who is back in the cone of infinite bummerdom
I'm trying to get more comfortable with black and white photos as just another tool in the box. It can change the look of a photo a lot and also help save a shot with weird color or noise issues, like this one
What's with that face, Amanda?
"You taking a picture of my face?"
Toast yo buns
"Why do you keep taking our pictures?"
"One burger, please"
Pictures of pictures!
Not a bad looking burger!
This is Amanda's "applying mustard" face
Amanda thinks things are funny
I got Amanda a change-eating robot panda
I think she links it
I got Vic more photography gear.. but you can't really see it here
Bryce got Vic a Madoka pillow
Pretty spiffy!
Amanda adds to her ever-growing pony collection
Vic got Bryce some Gears figures
And now the moment you've been waiting for
Let's get this started
Mother F'ing Tornado Rex. The one and only
This is a dangerous trail
What could come next?
Ahhh!! Tornado Rex is loose!
Little Bear isn't sure what's up with all that whistling
Relax, Amanda. Tornado Rex can't hurt you
Staring down the barrel..
Another tragic victim
Games are fun
Pinkie Pie likes Vic
Ponies are funny
I caught Vic chewing but it looks like he's making a weird face
Vic was a lot smoother of a pilot than Bryce
Wawa? Wawa.
Columns in 30th St Station
This is a big lamp
Hey, Christmas is over
More lamps
I really want to push this button
Tiny train!
This is a nice place to wait
Back in NYC!
You are viewing images from 01/01/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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