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Sweet dragon logo
Ha, I like the reference
Brian's amazing sleep-while-standing trick
Teo wanted to make sure he didn't leave any fingerprints
People are starting to arrive
Ben is pretty excited
Hey, more punchcards! Pretty clever use of them
Hi Brian
Ahhh, it's starting!
The groomsmen!
I think she does
You did it!!
Well that was fun
Everyone clapped
Everyone was all smiles
Somehow I didn't get that this was a card of cards. I am dumb
I was assigned to the Gelatinous Cube table
So of course, I took a photo of it
Brian is also setting with me
Also Hez!
Dani came to visit!
What you say?
The wedding party all made a great dancing intro but I only managed to get a good shot of Joel and Suzi
This is super out of focus but Topaz's toast was pretty amazing so I wanted to include something of it
Oh I see how it is. I get a gelatinous cube and you guys get DRAGONS
Ben: still a goofball
Cutting the [cup]cake with a SABER
That was cool!
Oh god, be careful!
Feeding each other the tiny cake!
Me and the other photographers ensure we have enough coverage to recreate this scene in 3d later
Be very very glad I did not include the aftermath of this photo
Kate at her Katest
Time for the first dance?
Let's all watch them dance
The photographer was committed
A nice moment
I was surprised that the song they chose was Bananaphone. No not really.
I bet Dani would have danced to Bananaphone
Time to play the "If you've been married for N years" game!
Hi guys!
Joel and Suzi have been married for N years
More dancing!
Kate is feeling pretty blue
This was some really energetic dancing
Go RIT people!
They're tigers
RWAG! The gaming group where Ben and Dani met
Of course, I made it about space. I make everything about space
This is a cool thing to frame
Time for fancy cigars
Not a fan of cigars?
Ben is ready to get his smoke on
JJ knows what he's doing
Ben tries to get his cigar lit
A little windshield goes a long way
Now Ben is official cool
JJ's been working on his "cool looking smoke cloud" effect
Mr. Hally looks pretty natural with a cigar
Suzi can't have a cigar. Girls don't smoke cigars. Who do you think you are?
Susan has a flask. That's like a cigar that you drink
Oh you have a mustache? I suppose you can have a cigar
Quite a group
Quite a group indeed
Chris, was close but had no cigar
This is Ben's "I'm cool with a cigar" face
This is mine.... not as cool
This is my "I just accidentally inhaled a little cigar smoke" face
Ben's mom is pretty cool, you guys
But not as cool as this crazy dancing kid! He was on fire!
Look at him go!
These guys were not as good at dancing.. but they were enthusiastic
Dani's having a good time
Christian sat at my table and was a pretty cool guy
As evidenced by his fashion sense, demonstrated here!
D&D character cards for all!
What's up there, Kate?
Look at that kid go!
Ben cannot handle it
Spiffy hat
Looking good!
Salute practice
Dani inspects the troops
This looks.. dangerous
Dani kept the hat
Where are you going??
This is a tricky kiss to pull off
Alright, back to the reception
What is this face??
Or this face???
Let's all gather with creepy Santa
Oh god!!! Creepy Santa is way creepier than we thought! ...or maybe we are the creeps
"You guys coming back?"
As far as I can tell this group is "Group of People who Demanded a Group Photo"
You guys, weddings are pretty fun
It's the stage of the night where everyone is taking group photos
Eric took this photo himself, using my phone as a remote
Donald throws Eric into the stratosphere
Everybody dance!!
"Are you still taking pictures??"
They're kicking us out and it's their keg.. pump all the beer out!! I did my part by drinking several cups way too fast
"We have to leave?"
Whoa! Cool cloak!
Chris is also doing his part towards the "save the beer" effort
I'm pretty sure Brian and Joel are the same species
That was fun! Let's go to the afterparty!
You are viewing images from 01/03/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 115 pictures.
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