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Vic knocked, I opened the door, snapped this photo, then slammed it shut again
Amanda's already ready for a nap
This box has seen some shit
We'll survive this weekend somehow
Slappy has given up and come inside.. for now
Vic continues to unload gear
Amanda setting up her station
If anyone comes prepared for a LAN party, it's these two
Vic in his element
Falcon plays a little Hearthstone
Vic tries to get the wheel set up on the plastic table.. without much success
The Oculus camera is watching you, Vic..
Ben looks so lonely
Falcon's turn in the rift
I couldn't see how his race was going, but it certainly sounded.. bouncy
LAN parties are fun, guys
Amanda doesn't like what she sees
Omar.. might?
Comparing drill and bolt sizes? What is Omar up to?
Drilling through a wooden board and table!
Bolting the wood in place
Yep.. that feels about right
What are we doing? Building a racing wheel mount, of course.
Omar's really into it
Securing the bolt in place
Some sort of complicated card game is happening on the table
Alright.. time to try this HOTAS thing out..
Vic is in the zone
Space? Gotta go to space.
Amanda switched tables to escape the motion of the racing wheel
Fun times on the couch?
Flying in space!
Amanda is apparently spending the weekend by being startled by the internet
Salim is really into VR racing
This look of concentration that comes over Omar's face while playing Mount Your Friends
Omar's got a cookie
Slappy want a cookie?
No cookies for Slappy.
Omar shows Vic what he has to use to listen to music at work..
Hsien is tired
That's a lot of eggs
Let's get cracking!
You are viewing images from 02/14/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 44 pictures.
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