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Liz is excited for some archery
Amanda seems unsure
Erika's here and ready to shoot!
Our instructor today will be Omar's coworker Jim, who's been doing this for quite some time
This target has seen better days
It's a little chilly. Get your gloves on!
Jim has all the confidence in the world in our abilities.. but let's set up a backstop anyway
Erika looks cold
Explaining how we'll be shooting
This thing looks.. simple
New Jersey Gothic
Ready for some funnn
Archery gear
"Like this"
Omar gets his bow ready
Finger guards help a lot
Ready for archery
This is an excited bunch
Archery is fun
Jim demonstrates how far away to hold the bow
And away goes the arrow!
Ben lines up a shot
I managed to capture the very instant Omar let go of the arrow! You can see the motion blur on the arrow and string
Ben focuses on the target
Salim's up
Jim makes this look easy as he grabs another arrow from the quiver on his back
I think Salim likes this
Hey we're actually hitting the target!
Pulling out arrows
Ooo, what is this bow?
How to notch?
And it's free!
Amanda is ready to do her duty and take out the orc horde
Liz too
Erika seems unsure
Ahhh, don't shoot me, Liz!
Vic just looks so natural
Amanda looks like she could shoot some orcs
Everyone lined up and ready to go
Amanda gets ready to shoot
Line 'em up!
Vic had some trouble before he switched to shooting left-handed
It looks weird but he shot better
Salim's having fun
My turn to shoot!
What do you think, Erika?
Vic's form looks much better now!
Liz looks down the arrow at the target
Erika's turn
Vic looses another arrow
Liz thinks about her next shot
Omar, noooo!
Standing downrange.. don't shot me!
Coming back from the target with a fistful of arrows
Ready for another round?
Gathering equipment
Omar's ready to give people arrows whether they want them or not
Amanda's got pretty good form!
I caught Liz's arrow in mid-air!
Omar chases his equipment box
My turn again
Jim's arrow in mid-flight!
Grab another arrow..
And away it goes!
Two arrows in the air at once!
Even more arrows!
Gathering around the target
We synchronized our shots to get photos of arrows in the air
Jim looks like he belongs in a fantasy movie
Let's pack up
Well that was fun
Omar demonstrates how his bow is cracked
Oh god! He's comin' right for us!
Good day, Salim?
Now, back to our dark basement full of computers
You are viewing images from 02/14/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 80 pictures.
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