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Whole buncha Amiibos
Goran makes the craziest face
Owen is ready to go
I lent Goran and Topaz my camera over the weekend for a "guest batch" of photos!
Of course, Goran got the weird kale shot thing
Let's watch movies
Waiting for the shuttle bus..
It is impossible to get a photo of Goran making a normal face
All weekend long people kept coming up to John and saying "Hi John" thanks to his hat
Is the shuttle bus here?
After escaping the horrible traffic-trapped shuttle bus.. we finally made it to the convention center!
Hot Pockets knows what's up
Thanks, PAX
Holy crap, the main expo floor is pretty busy
Hallo, Halo
There were several Oculus Rift demos
This lady spotted me from like 40 feet away!
This looks like a comfy little area
So many people
Soda Drinker Pro cosplayers!
Ooo, watcha making?
Fancy weird triangle computer..
Monster Hunter crazies take a break
Lots of really great lighting on the expo floor
Hey the Soda Drinker Pro booth is actually selling soda!
The cap hurt Goran's hand
But that sweet sweet soda made it all better
All weekend long there were people playing Just Dance and Rock Band on stage
Another view of the expo floor.. from above!
So many people!
There was a big crush of people around the Samsung booth as they gave away some free garbage
This super wide angle lens I borrowed from a guy at work is pretty awesome
I just poked my head in some random panel
Star Wars cosplayers!
Johnny Bravo!
Ha, I'm curious how they came up with the ingredients
In the middle of all this, I took an hour to talk about space for work's "Techdev Office Hours"
Me and Goran found a weird empty room to eat lunch in
Whoa, Steel Battalion is intense
Look at this controller!!
It's pretty complicated
What do you think, Goran?
I'm not distracting you guys, am I?
This dude is clearly in the zone
Just be ready to eject!
This guy seems less sure of himself
Man that original xbox controller was massive
A closeup of the Steel Battalion controller
These guys were pretty cool. The guy with the mic was pretty much constantly giving instructions on how to play right up until the end of each play session
Think you've got what it takes to be a mech pilot?
This guy clearly does
We found Owen and John in the console free play area
Playing Puyo Puyo Tetris of course
Lots of people just hanging out and playing whatever
This game is confusing
I never caught this girl's name but she hung out with us for a few minutes. Like me she's more familiar with Anime Boston and was wondering where the Dealer's Room was
These guys are having fun
Amelia Earhart takes a shot at Puyo Puyo Tetris
No Goran, that is not how we 3DS
We got in the pre-pre-line for the Giant Bomb panel
After finding us, Topaz wished us luck and went to try to get into the League of Legends panel
You are viewing images from 03/07/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 62 pictures.
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